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Make Money With Your Blog Or Website because you have been working hard to produce good quality, original content on your blog. Plus you have attracted a decent amount of traffic by doing so. However, money is not going to appear out of thin air just because you have traffic. You have to turn your traffic into money.

Lets Make Money With Your Blog Or Website

There are several ways to generate profits from the visitors and make money with your blog or website. Google’s Ad-sense program allows you to do so with ultimate ease. First, visit their website at You’ll find out more about their advertising program there, but here are some extra bits I’d like to tell you.

First, Google’s Ad-sense program is a really useful way to monetize your blog. Because when users finish reading your newest post, chances are they want to leave your blog because they have nothing else to do on your blog.

If your Ad-sense advertisement block is visible on your blog, they might see advertisements relevant to them and click on them to exit your blog. Ka-ching! You’ve just cashed in on your first virtual cents!

But your profits will only be cents if you don’t “do it right”. This involves placing your Google ads in the right places and ensuring they blend in to your site. You want them to appear more like links rather than advertisements to your visitors.

Consult the page to see the “heat map” of your blog. The “hotter” a certain area, the greater the chances of someone looking at your blog.

Once you get a Google Ad-sense account, you can change the color of your advertisement text and links. You will want them to match the colors on your blog. If your blog’s text is black and the links are red, do the same for the ad blocks too! It’s that simple.

For those of you that do have a WordPress based website, there is a free Google Ad-sense plug in that works really well. If you know nothing about WordPress get my free eBook that will guide you.

Other ways to make money with your blog or website

Another way to earn profits from your blog is to recommend products to your readers. When your visitors buy from the merchants you recommend, you get to keep a little commission too. This is known as affiliate marketing and it is very easy to start because you don’t have to create your own products or services.

Anyway, let’s refer back to our technological gadgets blog example. Let’s say you discover this Gadget X on a merchant’s website, and they offer an affiliate program. What you would do is to create a post in your blog and do a mini-review on this Gadget X.

Rip it apart and point out its benefits and bad points, if any, and include a link (which is given by the merchant) for the visitor to purchase the Gadget X online.

If your visitor clicks and purchases the gadget, the merchant will track from the link. He will know that the purchase is referred by you, so they will send you your share of the profits. Imagine if 1 out of every 100 visitors you get purchases this product.

You then earn $27.00 commission from each purchase! If you get 10,000 visitors in a month that would be a $2,700.00 paycheck for you just for writing about ONE product.

Make Money With Your Blog Or Website with Affiliate Programs

Now, affiliate programs are very nice ways to generate profit, but how do you find affiliate programs that are related to your blog’s theme? Easy, just go to Google and search for <your niche> +”affiliate programs”.

We’ve discussed about using Google Ad-sense program and other merchants’ affiliate programs to generate profits from your blog. However, we have a lot of other options to monetize your blog, so we’re going to look into that.

The first option we’ll be looking at is Chitika ( Chitika is a very innovative contextual advertising program because it can serve very detailed advertisements. For example, on your technological gadget blog, Chitika will show advertisements for tech gadgets such as iPods.

The way they show it is in different tabs: one for “Best deals”, another for “details”, another for “reviews” and so on. This way, it is more of an informational section for your visitor rather than an advertisement, and naturally the click-through will be higher. You can apply here:

You can also be an affiliate for Amazon offers a wide range of products but its predominant domain is in books. Whatever your niche is about, you can probably find a book about it on Join their Associate programme here:

Once you join them, you can refer visitors to them and earn up to 10% commission. It’s not a lot but if you can manage to refer big volumes of visitors, Amazon is for you. This programme really shines when it comes to the ways you can refer visitors.

You can use their predefined templates to pull up recent items that match a certain criteria you set, you can target your ad to show a specific item on sale or you can just simply weave your referral links into your blog posts.

Last but definitely not least, you can sell advertising space on your blog if your blog is truly popular. Just take a look at blogs like That blog receives over 10,000 pageviews every day and naturally merchants will want to strike a deal with the blog’s owner to post their advertisements there.

If you manage to pull in huge amounts of traffic like that blog, you can definitely get people to buy ad space on your blog for prices from $150/month upwards, depending on your blog popularity.

To gauge how much page views and visitors you get everyday, just use the free tool available at They have a very detailed setup guide there so I won’t go into it.

Hopefully, that will help you maximize earnings and make money from your blog or website!

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