Do You Really Want To Make Money Online

So why can’t you make money online

To make money online is not for the faint of heart. When the going got ruff? And you bet it did. Every great person I know about had struggles making it to the level they wanted to be at. That goes for anything in life even internet marketing. But if you don’t quit reading this, there is some magic sauce at the end.

There are a bunch of ways to make money online, You can try blogging for money, online surveys, create a eBook, or offer services, so you are only limited by your own imagination.

Reasons People Fail

So why do most business fail? Well the answers to this question is as vast as why can’t I make money online. You see most people who start an online business honestly don’t have a clue on how to do it. There are many way’s of doing things online and they can very but a lot depends on what market or niche you decide to enter the market in.

Many people first try to make money online free because of the lack of start up funds and the illusion that some people create out there that you can make money for free. But nothing is farther from the truth. There are ways to do certain things online for free, and for the most part if you have nothing to sell at all you can sell other peoples products through PLR sites, so to start a business online with the bare essentials you can honestly do for free.

So What Is The Secret Sauce

But I don’t care if you are giving away gold on your website, if no one goes to your website your gold is worth nothing but a bunch of rocks. This is where most people fail online and for this reason alone most people quit before they even really get started.

So what is the secret sauce? How does so many people get traffic to their websites? Well believe it or not most people online did not start that way. They had to pay their dues just like everybody else. But the secret sauce isn’t really a secret, or there is no real code to crack, no internet guru that can make you rich in 30 to 90 day’s, no magical push button to success, the secret sauce is, are you ready for it here it comes……….. YOU!! Yep, you are the magic sauce, the secret code, the push button millionaire, the magic bullet, only you can create a successful online business, only you can do it. Sure people like me can help you with the learning curve, but I can’t do the work for you.

But There Is Hope

Most important, you do not have to pay a huge fee for the help of the so called guru. The only reason they charge so much is not what they teach but the fact that most people won’t do the grind and do what it takes, then when they quit they say it was a scam, because they were to lazy to do the work. So time is the factor here. Time is the most important commodity in the whole world, why? Because we only have so little of it, and a successful entrepreneur does not have time to try and help someone that 98% of the time will quit anyway. So if they charge $10,000 an hour and if you quit, oh well, at least they got paid for their time. That is what it costs, plain and simple, some charge less and some charge more, each person is different as to what their time is worth.

Join Me In My Internet Master Mind Group

If you really want to learn how to make money online, I can give you a heads up on the learning curve. I can even help you if you get stuck and need help. I won’t charge you $10,000 an hour ether, why? Because my time is not worth that much yet, and if you are smart you will take advantage of it, because there will be a time when I have none to spare. So if you are serious about making money online, here is what you do. Go to this website this is a free site to join. Once you join go to Internet Marketing Black Belt in the top menu bar. There you will find tutorials on any kind of marketing you want to do. As a free member you can also download PLR Products or (other peoples products you sell as your own) So what is my angle you might be thinking?

What Is My Angle

Simply this, if you join as a free member I get nothing, but I do get the chance to help you and guide you through the whole thing plus I have a few tricks of my own besides what you will get in the training. Plus we can be a team and help each other with traffic, page ranking, and as you learn you might even run across something that could help me. It’s a win win. My goal is to have a whole lot of us be part of a huge master mind helping each other succeed.

But before you decide and just blindly believe me, go to the about section at the top of this page and read my bio or about me page, I am no bullshit, I am for real and I or anyone else cannot do this alone, but together we can rock this internet thing. So if you are interested first of all don’t be a quitter, second go to and join for free.Go tho the Internet Market Black Belt link and start a course. I will know if you joined and will get in contact with you to see if you want to be part of my group. Don’t worry, there is no cost involved here, so you have nothing to lose. If you need help just come to this site and go to the contact link. I will respond within 24hrs, Promise.

To your success:

P.S. By the way if this isn’t for you perhaps you know someone who might be, please pass this post along to someone I might be able to help.

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Rey Albert