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All the gurus say making money from home is easy, just do what they do. In actuality they haven’t a clue how to run a real business. I am going to share with you why you should read this post in its entirety. If you have been listening to these lies for very long and are about to give up, or already have this post is for you.

Making Money From Home Eyes Wide Open

I really am not blaming the gurus in their methods in which they say they can help you in making money from home. They have been taught by their mentors how to do what they do. And truly believe being vague and deceptive is how you make money online.

Filling their ads and emails with so much hype it makes most honest people want to push the buy button. But in reality all the hype is for not. I don’t know about you, but I am sick and tired of listening to this crap and falling pray to it.

So what I did was just stop listening.  I was at the end of my rope and knew there had to be a better way. That is why I have been silent. I have been lied to and have been trying to practice what I have been taught and haven’t really felt good about it. Because nothing that any of these gurus are selling really works. Just a lot of empty promises.

What you really need to know

Making money from home isn’t really all that difficult once you have the formula. I have just learned this so I am going to make an effort to teach you what I have learned.

The first thing is you need to have a product or service to sell. No brainer right? So if you have something that truly helps people solve a problem it doesn’t matter what it is but it can’t be some bull crap guru affiliate product. We have already established they help no one.

Now most gurus will say you need to have a website and suggest you use their service of choice. Why because they get a monthly commission if you do. But that is ok if your ready for one. Most people just starting out are trying not to spend money they don’t have yet. But you do need a way to capture emails and create landing pages.

The lead Magnet

Having a product or service is only the first part. Now how do you get people to your offer and actually listen to what you have to say? They don’t know you, or trust you, and might not even like you. So how do you break that barrier?

First your offer has to be a real solution that will help people. Then you have to present it in such a way that makes sense. You need a clear path from A to B so the potential user can see how it will help them. Then you have to take just a piece of the solution and create a lead magnet to solve just a peace of their problem.

You see your lead magnet must live inside your solution. This is the only way it will work. This is why most lead magnets fail. The gurus say get a PLR product, change it up and give that away. But people aren’t stupid anymore and all the gurus tricks might work for the short term but in the end people will just stop listening.

The lead magnet must solve the one problem fast. Remember you are trying to create authority here.

The Authority Amplifier

So once you have your lead magnet now you need to create what is called an “Authority Amplifier” in your funnel. So once they get this lead magnet your thank you page will contain your authority amplifier.

Well what is an authority amplifier and how does it work. An authority amplifier is a way to establish yourself as a true authority in the solution you are providing. Creating trust and establishing a dialog with your end consumer that you can truly help them. There are six parts to this and it shouldn’t be long and drawn out.

In the fist part you are simply going to congratulate them in taking action in downloading your solution.

Then you will establish authority with a signature statement. This is your time to shine “I help working moms lose 10 lbs in 20 days” Something like this to establish you are an authority.

Then you walk them through the lead magnet.

After that, you tell them this is only one of a three step process (more steps if there is more) and then explain your solution and where your lead magnet lies in your solution with a clear path from A to B.

Then you simply have a call to action to a conversion event. This could be an eBook purchase, putting them on your calendar for a consult or what ever your product or service is.

Has Making Money From Home Gotten Clearer?

Obviously what I have written above isn’t a complete solution and not every single detail could I put into this post. I am going to start off on the right foot and post weekly the step by step process in detail. So if you want the play by play please sign up to get your weekly play by play. This is a free service I am going to provide my readers.

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