Finding Your way To Making Profits Online Hard As Hell

Hi, sorry I haven’t written a post in a while. I am finding different ways to making profits online so I can share them with you. I am also building a membership site to help the people who will not give up. So let me share a quick and simple way of making Profits Online. It is simple in theory but difficult to master.


The first step of course is the offer right? So we need something that isn’t expensive and that will entice people to purchase impulsively. I know for a fact people will buy things like coffee mugs, T-Shirts and things like that on impulse if it relates to what ever their into. Could be their pet or motorcycle, guitar, charity or whatever. So That Is Your Job, to discover what that something is and what audience to solicit.

Places to find these things are Max Bounty, Gearbubble, ALIexpress and more. The thing is to find something around $15 or less. This is the sweet spot for impulse buyers.


So next  you want to create ad content by creating a very short video 10 seconds or less by using a slide show. So here is an example of a video I did for a cat product.

See how simple and short the video was. Oh, if you need to have the mug Go HERE the mug will only be available for a couple more days. Back to the point. I made this video using Google Slides and you could also use pictures and windows movie maker all these things are Free. Making short videos like this takes 5 minutes at the most. If you want a tutorial on how to do this part just leave a comment below.


Now create a Facebook fan page around the product you want to promote. Below is a screenshot of the page I created for my cat lovers coffee mug.

Making Profits Online

I just used a couple of images from Google for the header, simple really. Making pages like this only takes a couple of seconds. Then you want to create a post using your video and a link to the product like I did.

Making Profits Online

I just posted this 12 hours ago as I am writing this post and as you can see I already reached 430 people and have 86 views. So once you have gone this far it is time for the next step.


Creating a face book ad is simple. Just make sure you optimize the ad for video views and keep your daily budget low, around $5. Make sure you target cat lovers and use your post as the video. You will get very cheap views this way

Making Profits Online

As you can see above my cost for this ad so far is only a penny a view. So using this method is really cheap advertising. Just make sure your ad costs do not exceed your profits. If after 24 hours you haven’t received a sale, either tweak your ad or scratch it and try another product, remake your video just don’t quit. I told you this method is easy but mastering it is hard. People like me can bring you to the watering hole but we can’t make you drink it.

If you need help with targeting I have a short eBook you can check out called “Targeting Your Avatar” just click the link to download for free. No catches No opt-in just free help.

I hope you enjoyed this post. Making profits online is not hard to do. It just takes practice and the not giving up attitude. If you liked this post sign up to receive my posts as they are written. Also visit my site by clicking above on the front page and sign up for my membership when it is available.

To your success


P.S. If you want a copy of my eBook on exactly how to do this method step by step please send an email to with the subject line “Make Money Online eBook” and I will send you a copy free of charge with no hooks or tricks like opt-ins.




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