Man Exposed Butt See Most Scandalous Reveal Ever

What word got you to look, Headline, Exposed, Butt, Scandalous or Reveal

It doesn’t matter which word made you look, My Headline need your attention. Why, because I want you to know that I am the most honest person you may want to know. (This is me exposing my Butt) But I don’t care, My blog is here to help you market whatever you want to online.

I just need some input about what you have questions about, or how I can help you. I titled this blog this way to make a point. If you want to get attention in your marketing efforts you have to be unique. If you take a headline from a magazine and turn it into your own headline you are 100% closer to getting noticed, why, because they work.

People that put those headlines out in those magazines spend time, money and research on headlines. The headline is the first step in getting your viewers attention because it is then, after they read the headline, will they either continue to read or flip the page to the next website.

I have been experimenting using this technique and find that it is working well. Try it out for yourself and be creative. There are no rules just use your imagination.

Want to know how I got the headline for this post? Are you absolutely sure? It might shock you, but again I will reveal my Butt.

I borrowed it from Cosmopolitan Magazine website and the headline was………..Wait for it……..”Bella Hadid Almost Exposed Her Vagina in What Might Be the Most Scandalous Dress of All Time.”

You bet it got my attention, and probably the attention of thousands of other readers. So you see how it works? You can take any magazine, when you in line at the grocery store check out the magazine rack, there are hundreds of juicy headlines you can use for your writing or promotions.

Here is one I took from a PDF file I downloaded, I just typed in the Google bar 100 best headlines of all time and BAM, a ton of sites poped up, anyway here is the headline.

DO YOU DO ANY OF THESE TEN EMBARRASSING THINGS? What do you think you could do with that headline? Here is one “DO YOU DO ANY OF THESE TEN MARKETING THINGS?” Or perhaps this one: “WHICH IF ANY OF THESE TEN EMBARRASSING THINGS RELATE?” Do you see what I mean, as long as the basic meaning of the headline is there it should work.

Now it is your turn, try it out and let me know what you come up with. It is fun and you don’t have to spend money on copy writers.

Question, contact me if you would like to start a weekly group session. Also if there is anything you have questions on or if there is any kind of course you would like again contact me or leave a comment.

Good luck with your headlines and don’t forget to surf my site!

To Your Success