Marketing Objectives Approaches to Online Marketing

Marketing Objectives

Your marketing objectives are very important. Marketing objectives should have a clear objective. This will determine your path with the marketing champagne. But the ultimate goal of any marketing objective is to generate revenue by making sales.

This is where most online marketers fail. It is one thing to have the best product or service for your prospective customers. It is another to actually attract those customers, and get them to purchase from you. So how is this accomplished? In my experience online, it is all about first having a presence. Being searchable and being trustworthy. Thousands of people are trying to do the same thing as you. So you must stand out. How do you stand out? By being persistent and consistent in your marketing objectives. Most of all be honest.

How you will market your product or service will depend on your goal or objective. What I suggest is to market with list building in mind. This is very important to do. With a list you can sell to the list over and over.

So the first thing you should do is set up some kind auto-responder. I use Getresponse. The first 30 days are free. Every other company will do the same thing but cost more. You should have received a bonus package when you first signed up. If you lost it here it is again. (free download) This package contains videos that explain how to get started with your campaigns. I also have a tutorial for Listwire a free auto-responder service.

Website Or No Website

Well this depends on what kind of marketing you will do. If you are going to be an affiliate and sell someone else product then having a website is not necessary. But if you are going to build a brand you need to have your own website. Not any of those free sites either. Because a free site has to make money some how and they do it by posting advertisements on your website that you are busting your hump to promote. So you are actually helping the site host and not yourself.

If you have never set up your own website watch the video below. It is long, but it walks you through the process step by step.

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Social Media

In the (Free Download) there is also bonus products that will teach you how to set up social platforms. Also there are videos on how to get your likes up there for pennies. I use Facebook and Twitter myself. What ever you do make sure your social platforms are congruent to your brand. If they are not you can confuse your audience.

Traffic exchanges

I also use traffic exchanges. These sites are free to join and you get traffic by watching other peoples ads. Below are the ones I use because you get a 1 to 1 exchange with these sites. I stay away from the ones that are 3 to 1 because you have to watch 3 of theirs before they show one of yours. I would join all of these. Then save the linksĀ in a folder and open them up all at once. Schedule a surfing time every day and be consistent. I do this every morning for one hour. Also make sure you ad you links to your websites so you can start getting traffic.

Manual Surf

1:1 Traffic Exchange - 1000 Bonus Autosurf Credits

Popular 1:1 Traffic Exchange

There are a ton of other thrifty ways to advertise in the Money Making Website. That is why it is worth more than the Dollar Miracle. There is much more information to help you succeed. Check it out if you haven’t already and I am sure you will agree.

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