Marketing Online Things I have Discovered

Marketing Online Is A Journey

No one knows better than the people that actually struggle in the marketing online space how difficult the journey is. The thing I have discovered about the internet marketing space is that It doesn’t have to be so hard. Every guru has a different silver bullet and none live up to the hype. What I am about to share with you will help you get past the hump. Stop chasing all the silver bullets, plant your feet and get determined to succeed.

The “FREE” Word

The word “FREE” has been abused in marketing online. This started as an enticement or lure to get you to do something. Most people don’t even believe it anymore. There is no such thing in marketing online as FREE. There is always an ulterior motive. I am not saying all free things are bad and have no value. I am just saying nothing is free. Let me explain.

Free websites. Are they free? Yes and no. Because yes you can build a free website. But when you advertise your free website the host has their logos or banners or some kind of advertisement at your expense. Meaning you are paying for people to come to your website. But your visitors get distracted from your message and almost always click else where. After a while of driving traffic madly to your site with no results, what do people do? They quit!

This goes for any free service out there. It makes sense if you think about it. Someone has to pay for the hosting for a website for example. So you pay for it indirectly by having advertisements on your site plus you are limited to what you can do.

Do you need a website for marketing online?

Absolutely not. If you don’t want to pay for website hosting you can still make money through marketing online. That is the beauty of internet marketing. You only need a computer and a cup of Joe and your off. You also need something to sell and a way to market it. This is where most people get lost. The concept is simple. Send people to your offer and make money right? WRONG. This is the problem. When people want to send “traffic” to their offer what is it they do first? They go to there social contacts first.

Then when that dries up most people go to traffic exchanges next. There is nothing wrong with traffic exchanges because most people there want to make money to. The problem is if you think you are going to get enough traffic by clicking through websites your wrong. Yes exchanges are free and you can generate traffic to your offer. But not enough. Most surfers are just like you. They are not looking at your ads, they are clicking through multiple sites at the same time as fast as they can. So if you want to go that route, you better have an eye grabbing ad. You only have seconds to get anyone’s attention.

So what is the solution to this madness?

First if you have no product and you know nothing about marketing etc. and you want to make money online. You need a “stupid simple system”  product that is a one stop all in a box money making website. This stupid simple system does everything. First it hosts your splash page for free. I know nothing is free. Their angle is if you promote this product people that sign up may or may not use their auto-responder system. This system goes for $30 a month. Also there are suggested services. So  yes they like everyone else has an angle. But this is a great product because I think it is a win win. You get all the tools you need to be successful and there are no ads on your splash page. In return someone may chose to use some of their services. Heck, go to this stupid simple site by clicking on the link and putting in your email address. It costs nothing to look.

But I have a product or service what about me

First if you have a product or service and you have tried to promote it with no success, join the club. In my experience it takes a whole lot of trial and error to get it right. But what I have learned is this. First you don’t need a website. These are great but take a long time to evolve. If you start a blog do it because you love to write about your experiences and not because you want immediate results.

Second you want to have a social presence. There is a ton of free information out there about building a social presence for promoting what ever your product or service is. You just need to look. I always start with Google and I suggest getting a Google account by signing up for a free email account. You can do so much through Google.

My social preference is Facebook and Twitter.  But what ever social platform you use make it congruent to your brand. If you have different themes for your social platforms and your product or service you take the risk of confusing your audience. Internet Marketing is a science. Most of it is psychological. Check out my social platforms and my website and you will see what I mean.

If you want a FREE course on social media and using it for traffic just click here. What is my angle? I just simply want to say thank you for reading the whole post. That is it. You won’t find any angles in the course either.

To your success


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