Marketing Tactics 2017 Get Killer Results

Marketing Tactics 2017

Marketing Tactics 2017 that get killer results has sometime been referred to as word of mouth advertising. This is because the foundation of killer marketing has to do with utilizing social and business connections that are already in place to grow your business. The idea is that, like a virus, the word about your business will continue to spread as your network shares the news with people in their networks, and so on.

Marketing Tactics 2017 – 101

marketing tactics 2017

One of the best examples of the early success of viral marketing took place with Microsoft’s free email service, Hotmail.  Hotmail appended ads to each email that was sent out by their subscribers, thus making use of the Hotmail social network to advertise a range of goods and services.

Marketing tactics 2017 takes place both online and offline. As such, it is possible to use traditional marketing tools as well as contemporary electronic tools as part of a viral marketing campaign.

Relationships is the key to the success of your marketing approach. The relationship can take many forms. The basis for the connection may be family, community, friends, business contacts, or even email lists that are associated with a message board where the business owner participates and is well known.

Marketing tactics 2017 employs the basic understanding that satisfied clients are likely to tell three other persons about their positive experience. As these three engage the company and like what they see, the process continues to mushroom, creating an ever growing reputation for the business.

How to Use Marketing Tactics 2017 to Drive Traffic to Your Site

marketing tactics 2017

There are several factors involved in designing an effective marketing program using a marketing approach.

Define the potential of a particular social network. This will mean understanding the nature of the social circle, and what is more likely to appeal to persons who belong to the network. Understanding the nature of each of your networks helps you to set realistic goals for returns on your marketing investment.

Put Together Your Talking Points. You need a direct and appealing approach to get the word out about your services or products. At the same time, the message needs to be easily passed on by your contacts to other people, with very little room for distorting the message.

Talking points create a great platform for verbal communications, as well as drafting the text for an email campaign to direct at your social network.

Make it easy to find your site. In email communications, this may be accomplished with a link, or with a banner ad.  However, if you are also using verbal communications as a means to begin the process and your URL is complicated, consider purchasing a shorter and easy memorable domain name and pointing it toward your home page.

Proactively ask your contacts to spread the word. While some of your social contacts will do so as a matter of course, people often have to be reminded at the right time. Usually asking your contacts for help in spreading the word is enough to get the ball rolling.

How to Make Your Product Viral

It is hard to think of any good or service that could not be marketed with the use of the viral approach. Of course, some products are more easily identifiable as marketable by word of mouth than others. Here are some ways to make information about your product easy to pass on from one person to the next.

Use the right social network for the marketing. If you are attempting to create sales for a line of adult personal aids and materials, it is probably not a good idea to engage your community contacts in this venture. However, if you have friends or business contacts that you know would not be offended, start the ball rolling with them.

Identify uses or applications for your product line. Often, providing some examples of how to get the most out of a product will get people to thinking out of the box a little. This can lead the individual to remembering that someone of their acquaintance has a need or desire that would be met by one of your products.

Provide enough information to make it easy to pass on details. At the same time, keep it simple enough that your contacts do not feel as if they are selling for you. As long as they see the word of mouth as doing a good turn for you, chances are they will remain open to passing on the word from time to time.

WORD OF WISDOM, do not think that all products are fine for all your social networks. Approaching marketing tactics 2017 with a one size fits all approach could damage your reputation and actually close a lot of doors.


How to Avoid Marketing Tactics 2017 Mistakes

Marketing has been around in concept longer than the actual term. As such, there is a lot of information that can help you avoid making the more common mistakes. Here are a few simple tips that will make the campaigns go smoothly.

Get a mentor. The best way for a new entrepreneur to learn the tricks of the trade is to find someone who has already been down the path and lived to tell about it. Once you find a mentor, listen and learn. There will be plenty of time to ask questions, but in the early stages, your role is to absorb the data that is coming your way.

Get opinions from others that use marketing tactics 2017. They may have some applications that will be good models for a campaign you have in mind.

Respect your social networks.  People are often happy to help now and then, but don’t think that everyone will be ready to spread the word about a new product or discount every few days. Your contacts should be employed with consideration for their time and the action items they already have on their plates.

Respecting their space and expressing appreciation for what they do on their behalf, will go a long way toward keeping the relationships positive.

Words of wisdom – The worst mistake you can make is to treat your networks like statistics and not as people. Always keep a professional demeanor, and make sure each person knows how much you value his or her place in your life and work.

 Marketing Tactics 2017 Secrets

While there are not much in the way of secrets about marketing, there are a few tips about running a successful marketing initiative that could be employed more often, and create more success.

Viral promotions come in several forms. Along with emails that can be forwarded, there is also hard copy documents, such as fliers, brochures, and business cards, that will also help provide some of your social networks the means to spread the word.  Online, there is also text messaging, images, and even video clips that can be passed from person to person.

Organize your social contacts into groups. This does not necessarily translate into all business contacts in one group and friends in a different group. Organize the contacts based on their relationship to your product, such as the way that the contacts employ the good or service.

Always say thank you. People often are more than willing to pass on a good word. That willingness will increase if you make it a point to let them know how much you appreciate the effort. Underscore the appreciation with some sort of small favor in return, such as recommending them to someone who could use their services in some manner.

Word of wisdom – Secrets can be a very loaded word. There is a sense that learning a secret will act as a magic potion that will make things happen overnight. Don’t fall into the trap of thinking there is some magic bullet. Acquire knowledge and practice sound business etiquette and things will work out eventually.

Use Blogs In Your Marketing Campaign

marketing tactics 2017Web logging, or blogging, has become a popular way of promoting a business. Here are a few of the ways to use a blog to build up your social network and in turn generate more word of mouth advertising.

Write regularly. A blog that has new content every couple of days will build-up a readership that will not only capture regular readers, but also entice those readers to recommend the blog to other people.

Make it simple to pass on materials. You can use a blog to create columns, lists, and other documents that readers can pass on to their friends and acquaintances, either by printing them out or emailing them as attachments.

Allow comments to your blog writings. This can help to establish rapport with each comment that you respond to. The more invested a person feels in the existence of your blog, the greater chance you will have of expanding the readership and your social network through personal referrals.

Always maintain strict control of your blog. If possible set up the site so that you have to review and approve comments before they are available for public viewing.

This will prevent spam messages being posted as comments, and also allow you to prevent the use of verbiage that is inappropriate to the content of your blog. Keeping the comments on target will make the blog all the more entertaining and accessible to your audience.

Building Lists with Marketing Tactics 2017

Building an email list is an ideal way to build up regular mail listings that can be used to promote your business. Here are a few suggestions on how this will take place.

Make it easy for people to opt in. A sign up page on your web site is a good idea. The page should be easily accessible from your home page, so visitors can find it with no problem.

Also provide the ability for people to sign up to receive snail mail promotions. Some people will pass on a piece of paper, where they will not pass on an electronic link, and vice versa.

Use banner ads in your initial contact to your social network. Those are easy to pass on, and will make it easier for interested parties to find you and sign up. Use the same banner ads on various message boards and classified sites that allow business advertising.

Make sure your contacts pass on the word that it is possible to sign up for updates on sales and promotions on your products. That way, when the new contacts visit your web site, they will already be interested in finding out how to sign up.

Make sure all your efforts to employ marketing tactics 2017 to build up your lists are conducted in a style that leans toward invitation, and not coercion. Most people respond very well when there is a sense of choice, but will quickly back peddle if they sense that they must take a course of action.


Marketing tactics 2017 is definitely a strategy that makes the best use of one of the most important assets any business owner can have. By harnessing the power of the various social networks that most people have in their lives, you can spread the good news about your business economically.

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marketing tactics 2017

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