Max Daily Profits Bonus Review

Max Daily Profits By Paul Prissick, Mark Barrett, and Percy George Review By Rey Albert from In my opinion this program is not worth the money you pay for it. In a nutshell all their program is, is just affiliate products that they are trying to get you to sign up for.

When you sign up for these products they get their commission but you then have to get other people to sign up in order to get your commission. In this whole video series program, there is no teaching at all. Just a bunch of hype on how you can start earning thousands of dollars a month with their program.

In the end you do not need these people to tell you that recurring commissions from affiliate programs will make you money. We all know this. The problem with most of us is not knowing how to make money it is getting the traffic that will convert into sales.

Their traffic resources are also a joke. I tried one of their best paid traffic sources and yes I got a lot of so called visitors, over 15,500 to be exact but not one turned into even a sign up. This tells me that their traffic sources are junk. I could have you sign up to any of these, get paid my commission and you would get high numbers of supposedly human visitors.

But what does not convince me these are real visitors is the volume of so called visitors and the total lack of engagement from these so called visitors. I recommend if you really want to start a business online I can help you at I don’t charge for my training and I give you a lot of tools that you can use to be successful online. I will not promise you that you will make thousands of dollars a month right out of the gate. It takes time and consistency to make money online.

But I can give you short cuts and advice on what platforms to us and how to implement your strategy to be a successful entrepreneur. So if you want to start an online business go to and start your free training. If you don’t know what it is you want to do, or need a place to start please use the contact tab at the top of the website to contact me.