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Niche Products

Niche products, why people fail. A majority of the success that you will have in Internet Marketing will be derived from your mental toughness. This is important because many of the things that you read and many of the products that you buy online set you up for failure. What do I mean? If you go and find just about any sales letter that is selling a product that has to do with making money online a couple things should jump out at you. The first thing is, the claims of instant income that pours into your
bank account the minute you buy the product. Many of these claims are crap and the sooner that you realize that the better off you will be.

Doing Keyword Research

niche productsKeyword research is one of the most important things that we do online. It can be very time consuming depending on how deep you need to go in order to get keywords that you are happy with, but it is well worth the effort and will pay a great return if done correctly.


Obviously if you can find a keyword that is getting a couple hundred searches a day, low competition, and a decent amount of Adwords campaigns showing up, you very well could have found a jackpot. There are many things that go into deciding which keywords are “the right ones.” One thing to keep an eye on is keywords that have negative value in them such as “free”. While you will surely find a ton of keywords with these types of words in them, often times they
are simply not profitable.


When you plug the keyword into Google using quotation marks, there are a couple of things that you want to take note of.

  • What kind of sites are ranking high (are they authority sites?)
  • How many Adwords campaigns are being run (pay attention)
  • How many competing sites without quotation marks

The first bullet point above is probably the most important. This is true because it is going to be our goal to take over their position if they are on the first page of Google. Therefore, we have to see exactly how strong they are. This will tell us how much work we will have to put in for us to rank well.
One of the best indicators to me can be found by using Yahoo Site Explorer. Basically, we will be able to find out exactly how many links the site has coming in and exactly where they are coming from.


Now that we have our niche selected and the keywords that we are going to attack picked out, the next step is to create some content to generate traffic for us. This can be done in a couple of ways. Personally, I like to use Google to do a little bit of research. Chances are good that just by entering your keywords in Google you are going to come up with a ton of useful stuff to write about. One thing that I like to do even before checking Google though is to go to Yahoo Answers and search for variations of my keyword. This will tell me what problems people are having and what kind of solutions are being given to them. If you pay really close attention you will pick up a couple great titles for articles and a list of different things that you can write about.


Next you need to have a website to park your new found niche products on and be able send traffic to.

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