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10 Secret Website Traffic Sources You Can Tap Into Today

No cost Website traffic is important to you if you have a website because this is how you will get your content out there. No Traffic, you have a dead website. So the whole thing really starts with your website.

Before you do any traffic generation whatsoever, you first need to make sure that your website is as good as you can possibly make it. People spend a great deal of time and money getting traffic to their website without realizing that their conversion rate or bounce rate is all dependent upon how good the website looks.

No Cost Website Traffic: Your Website Platform

Everything that you’ll be doing to improve the look and functionality of your website is based upon the platform that it is running on. WordPress is a very popular platform that offers great functionality, good looking themes and easy-to-use back end.

There are lots of ways that even an amateur at WordPress or another website building platform can improve their site using third-party plug-ins and tools.

What is your goal with your website? Are you trying to convert the casual reader into a paying customer? Are you trying to entice someone to come back and read your blog posts again and again? Whatever your goal is, you need to decide upon it and keep it in mind while you are improving the look of your site.

Once your website is just right it is time to get some website traffic to it. Now we will go into the 10 sources you can tap into today to get traffic to your website.

Tactic 1: Viral Blogging Method

The first no cost traffic source is viral blogging. What exactly is viral blogging? Viral blogging is when you purposely post content that is most likely to be shared and therefore, go viral.

There are some things that you’re going to want to do no matter what type of content you are posting. These are tips that are the same for all of the content that you’re planning on posting.

First make sure you get your keywords right by using the google keyword planner and go for the low hanging fruit to lazer target your traffic, also write your post is small blocks so people can take it all in, and use relevant pictures and make sure you use your main keyword as an ALT tag.

 Tactic 2: YouTube Traffic Arbitrage

The first thing you’re going to have to do is make the video. What kind of video should you make? You can make whatever kind of video you want but keep in mind that your goal is to get people to watch the entire thing and want to know more afterwards.

You don’t want to make a video to simply promote your business because people aren’t going to want to watch it in the first place, nor are they going to want to come to your website afterward.

If you’re going to stick to the methods of getting traffic without any money spent, you’re going to have to create the video yourself. However, there are websites out there like Fiverr that will allow you to outsource video production very inexpensively.

Tactic 3: The Forum Authority Method

There are millions of forums out there dedicated to every topic imaginable. You are certain to find active and growing forums built around your particular topic. In fact, you may already be a member of some of these forums.

Forums can be one of the most effective marketing methods that you can use. However, you have to find the right forum that allows you to create a link to your website that people can easily click on.

The next thing that you’re going to do is make sure that you’re using the forums regularly. Remember, each time you post on the forums you are basically posting another advertisement for your website.

Tactic 4: The Thank You Page Win-Win Method

The first thing to be aware of is that the professionalism of your website is going to determine (at least partially) whether or not you are able to use this technique.

Also, they’re not going to want their link posted on the website that doesn’t have anything to offer them. For example, if your website is brand-new, Google isn’t going to care too much about links from you to their website. That’s especially true if you are linking to each other.

However, if you are simply linking to each other so that you can send traffic to your respective websites, this is something that is valuable enough for most people to want to trade with you.

Tactic #5: The Podcasting Method

Another no cost website traffic source is podcasting method is a great way to get the word out there about you and your product or service. Podcasts are sort of like radio broadcasts except that they are stored on the Internet and can be played whenever the listener chooses.

If you’re going to create a podcast, there are a few things that you need in order to get traffic. That’s because only a high-quality podcast that is valuable and entertaining to the listeners is going to drive traffic to your website.

Once you’ve made your recordings, where do you store the audio files?

you can use free storage services such as Google Drive to store your recordings. What you’ll be doing is create a new folder in your Google Drive dedicated to your podcast audio files.

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