Online Business + Traffic Every Ones Problem

Online Business Needs Traffic To Survive

Does you’re online business lack traffic? I bet you have a great product and you think everybody should be busting down your door to get it. But an online business, especially a new one is just a needle in a hay stack.

This is why so may entrapnures quit even after a long period of time online. It is not because they don’t have a good product or service. In fact I bet a lot of good online business fail. So how can you get past the traffic part?

I have an answer, you might not agree with me. So If you don’t please comment below. But if a person doesn’t have a bunch of money to throw at ads you have no choice. Even if you did have money, if your Ad copy sucks you will just be wasting it.

Here are a few way’s I have Found To Jump Start Your Traffic 

Online BusinessOrganic traffic is your friend. To get organic traffic you need to make sure the search engines can find you. To do this you need to blog or get your voice out there using good SEO techniques. As you can see on the left I use a SEO plug-in for WordPress. This keeps me on top of SEO. You need to do this consistently. Because if you are not relevant you will be left behind.

The bad news is, it takes a while for your content efforts to come to fruition. So while your content is in the oven you need to concentrate on something else. First of all I would concentrate on creating great copy for your ads. How I do this is simple and FREE and I have been seeing great results.

How I Do It

What I do is first look at other ads that sell a lot of magazines. If you are browsing the tabloids in  the check out line, Pay attention to the headlines. Those are some of the best copy you will find and you can use them. Not exactly word for word of course, but to tweak it to what you have to offer. This is just the start though, we need to dig a little deeper because not all copy is created equal. What I mean is it depends on where you are going to advertise. Do the above technique for your blogs and social media.

Site Hit Exchanges

But you need traffic now, so you need to do a few things. First I want to introduce you to HITLEAP and 10k HITS EXCHANGERNow just hear me out. These are just traffic exchange websites. The difference between these and exchanges you surf is that the traffic you get from these two sites are people that are participating in the exchange.This increases your Alexa rating and in turn you get visitors from the search engines. Also before I forget. You can use with and to earn a little cash! If you want to know how comment below.

So here is the proof. I use Jetpack plug in for WordPress for these numbers. As you can see not to bad for a new site. But as an experiment look what happens when I take the exchange away. I get no traffic. OK, so what right? How is this helping or not? Well look at the next picture.  

Online Business

So if you look at the line from June 11th you will see a total of 402 hits. But the part that is exciting is on the right you can see a total of 12 site engagements. And on the left 7 high ranking sight referrals. This is extremely important for your content bake. You are getting engaging visitors because either they clicked on your 10khitcom ad or were referred from a search engine.

Online Business

Other Traffic Exchanges

OK, I think you got that. Now ad in some surfing exchanges. The ones that you look at a 10 sec ad and in turn someone will watch yours. Join a site that sponsors 8 of these sites. The site is called TEPROFITS. First you join for FREE, set up your exchanges, brand an eBook and start surfing. You give the eBook away to anyone who wants it. Here is my branded eBook, so you can check it out. 

Once I set mine all up and just surfed an hour a day, look at the results. As you can see there are more people visiting different pages. This is just for one day using this method.

Online Business Now you can see how it all works and how to get traffic to your Online Business. You make a little cash from ADSPTP.COM then surf your exchanges about an hour a day and get traffic. You also post consistently using good SEO techniques for long term traffic. Don’t forget you will also be making money from your traffic exchange referrals.  

To Your Success



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