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Three Income Producing Activities You Must Do Daily

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Income Producing Activity # 1

Creating Your Online Real Estate

Niche Research

All About Ad Copy

Getting Web Hosting

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Website Introduction1

Building Your Website

The Header Area

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Creating A Call To Action

Creating The Work Section

Creating The Client Section

The Blog - Contact pages

Video In Your Home Page

Finishing the about me page

Finishing Contact PG + Bonus

Finishing Blog Page

Niche Research In 60 Seconds

The Affiliate Website

Income Producing Activity # 2

Auto Responder Setup Staying In Contact With Your Subscribers

Why Do We Need Auto Responders

Creating Your Landing Page

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Creating Thank You Page

CSS Code

I don’t want to confuse anyone. I am trying not to. The CSS code is this:

.page-id-611 .site-header,

.page-id-611 .site-footer {

    display: none;


All you need to do is copy this code including the brackets, go to your CSS plug in (this will be in the side bar to the left in your dashboard) click on the CSS icon and in the blank space just paste the code in. See Picture below. Then just change the page number

Confirmation Page & Tie It All Together

Income Producing Activity # 3

Send Every Bit Of Traffic You Can Muster To Your Landing Page

Congratulations Your Done Now Drive All The Traffic You Can To Your Landing Page

Creating Blog Posts For Your Website

Creating A Facebook Page For Your Business