Opt In Redirect The Offer Split Testing

When driving traffic to your opt in page you don’t want to send them to a Confirmation¬†page. This is a mistake a lot of people do because they were taught to do so.

The reasoning behind sending people to a confirmation page is to weed out bad email addresses. Forcing people to go to the email address provided to confirm they opted in to the sign up page.

Although this does work for getting more quality information, you lose a lot of potential prospects in the process.

Not sending people to a confirmation page or to do so is a huge debate depending who you talk to. I am just saying if you are paying for traffic you want as many chances to sell your product or service as possible. My suggestion is to turn off your confirmation feature in your auto responder. Then send them directly to an offer.

Opt In Redirect And Split Testing

Offers and split testing the offers to find out the best conversions is pivotal to your success. If you get this wrong, you will never make money online. There I said it. Most marketing gurus will never tell you this. The reason is they want to string you along as far as they can. The longer they keep you wanting more the more money they make.

By now you have researched your offer, found offers you would like to promote or created your own. You also have a email client to capture leads and an opt in form. Next you need something to split test your offers. I could send you to a $19 a month rotator but I am not after your money for the sake of it. This is a Free option that works just as good as the paid.

opt in

You need a rotator to test offers. I would suggest that when showing offers you do not use the marketing creatives being used by the product creators. This is because everyone is using those creatives. What you want to do is research converting creatives and make them your own.

You can get ideas from websites like By PL Design and adespresso for Facebook ad ideas. You take these examples and copy the framework but use your own words and pictures. Do not copy the material verbatim because that is copy right infringement. I don’t want you to go to jail because I did’t warn you about this. Make it your own.

I have a tutorial about using this rotor HERE.

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