Pretty Link Will Make Your Ugly Affiliate Link Pretty

Pretty Link is a WordPress plug-in. What it does is not only beautifies your ugly affiliate links but can make any link relevant to your BRAND.

This is what I mean, this is a typical

affiliate link: See how big and ugly it is? People will not click on a link like this because it looks spammy. Now this is a pretty link Notice how my website is advertised? This brands your site because people recognize it and feel comfortable clicking on it. Using pretty link s also gives you data and lets you know how many hits you received on that link as illustrated in the picture.

pretty link

Pretty Link is a WordPress plug in, if you are not using word press you can use BITLY.COM or use a google shorten-er. Every thing I am talking about here are free applications and you really need to do this if you want to look professional. This is a very important step for the overall look of your website. 

Also if you are using WordPress I also suggest using the YOAST SEO plug in which will allow   you to make your posts more search engine friendly. You do not absolutely need this plug in if you are an experienced SEO person, but the simplest things matter like how long your title is, how many key words you have and where they need to be in your post or how many outbound links you have or pictures and if they have alt tags all these things matter for the search engines and yoast lets you know if you are missing something.

I know this was off topic but I thought it was important. I am here to help people so please comment or contact me if you need help with anything.

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