ProfiteE Bonus Review By Aidan Corkery

ProfiteE in my opinion is a beginners course on affiliate marketing. The price is low enough for people and I think it is an ok course for beginners. If you have any experience at internet marketing at all you will get really board with this program.

The part I liked best about the course was the branding section. In this video Aidan introduced programs Free and Paid that would enhance the quality of your video’s. This was a new thing for me and just for that was worth the $7 cost of the products.

I did not like Aidans so called bonuses because all they were was affiliate products that you had to sign up for and pay for. To me that is not a bonus. As far as the one time offers or (OTO) I am not a big fan. If you need the up-sell offers to make your main offer work better than you should up the price of the product and not have any up-sells.

But like I said, the course is good for any newbie that want’s to learn. For the price I don’t think it is a bad product. So if affiliate marketing is where you want to start your internet venture you can also go to my training page on this website.

Everything I teach is free and I don’t ever charge anything. If you use my training and like it please feel free to share it with others. Although ProfiteE is a good course mine is free. I go through everything Aidan does so before you pay any money please check out my training.

I hope you got a lot of quality content from this post. Please share it with others so they may also benefit. Don’t forget to check out my free training.

To your success