Re-Engager Product Bonus Review

Re-Engager is a new product coming out March 4th with a 3 day launch. What this product does is flash messages in an open tab on your computer. This open tab could be your website, a store front of yours or what ever website you install it on. This flashing message catches the eye of the person surfing the net that has multiple tabs open on there computer. The hope is that your tab will stand out and the person will re-engage by clicking the tab.

How Re-Engager Works

You can change everything about the tab, its color, the message, and how it engages. When they click on the tab you could have a pop up with a contact tab, a sign up form, a discount coupon anything you want basically. I think this is a great product for established business that have a lot of traffic and is profitable.

I don’t think it would be a advantage to people that aren’t established and unsearchable on the internet. The entry level cost or front end product is great only $27 but as you can imagine this is just the front end product.

If you want the Pro edition with Developer rights it costs another $47. This is bull crap. Just up the price a little and sell just the pro edition instead of having a lesser value product that is limited. If you want the agency level where everything is done for you it is another $67 and if you want to get into Bretts Circle: With ‘agency’ reseller it is another $37.Total cost with front end and all OTO’s is $178. I am not a great fan of OTO’s. Why can’t they just charge a little more and cut out the OTO’s?

Don’t You Just Hate OTO’s (One Time Offers)

If a seller wants to have an OTO I think it should be a totally different product that compliments the front end product. Product sellers should not have a product of lesser value than the upsell that is just the same product enhanced. I think this is a rip off.

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