Rebrandable Traffic Review My Experience

Rebrandable Traffic Is Supposed To Bring Targeted Traffic To Your Website.

But Does It?

I have used rebrandable traffic several times and at first thought it was wonderful. In fact I did a blog about it in the beginning of 2016 which no one has read. Thank god because I believe rebrandable traffic is a rip off. Here is my reasoning behind my theory.

Purchasing 5,000 credits for $15 dollars I did an experiment. I did this because I had watched a video in which the trainer advised to use this traffic source to build your list and not to promote offers.

Following this training exactly, I created a capture page with a free auto responder and created a campaign in the rebrandable traffic website. So this is what happened. I created two different websites with the same offer. The first using

rebrandable traffic
First website

The second using a word press funnel plug in.

rebrandable traffic

As you can see the only difference between the two is the paypal button is in different places in the offer itself.

First it is important to know I did try a sign up form for a free offer. Even though the traffic showed visits to the form not one out of a thousand visits was actually filled out.

Here is the results of my case study

rebrandable TrafficAs you can see from the wix website I did get clicks from the traffic indicated by the drop down after the main website as seen in this screen shot. If you follow the link that was clicked on, it goes to the wix sign up page and not to my offer which I finally figured out the click came from this logo rebrandable traffic in the top right corner of the offer.

So now I tried the other website. The only clickable link in this offer is the paypal button. Here are the results. As you can see I did get clicks to my paypal button. Also to the left of the photo you can see the date and time of the visits. Then you can see different I.P. addresses which indicates different users clicking on the links. The links with no extensions just indicates visits to the offer.

rebrandable traffic

My Conclusion

Although I did seemingly get traffic to these websites not one out of a thousand converted into a sale. You would think out of the hundreds of actual clicks on the paypal button. Someone if they were real people would have went through to the sale. In my own experience if I clicked on a pay button, I intended to buy the product. Have I ever backed out after clicking on a pay button? Absolutely, but like I said, what are the chances that out of hundreds of clicks not one actually bought. Think about that next time you buy so called Targeted traffic from Rebrandable Traffic.

To your success


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