Sales Funnel The Secret To Automated Income

Sales funnel is a term that is only really understood when you’ve got one up and running! Because until you’ve seen the POWER of a sales funnel and the automated opt-ins and sales it can bring you, you have no way to appreciate it’s power.

Getting Leads for your sales funnel

The sales process is very simple. We all know we need web hosting, domain name, auto-responder at the very least, and getting leads is the hardest part to the whole sales cycle. I have an eBook I created that shows you how to get leads and make a little money at it. You won’t get rich but at least you will be building a list of prospects for free. I will put a link to the eBook below.

Now once you get your leads then what? These leads should be considered your customers. Just like in a brick and mortar except your customers come to you via the internet. Once a lead signs up to your campaign they should immediately start through the sales funnel pipeline.

The sales funnel

Sales funnels have been around for a long time – and there’s a reason! They’re the most simple yet effective planning tool you could ever implement. You see, they cover every potential angle – and help you see and avoid the potholes in the road long before you reach them.

My new Special Report, A Newbies Guide to Setting Up A Sales Funnel“, will help you see the true importance of this simple but vital little internet marketing tool.

It will open the door on so many assets you may be currently missing out on…

Things like:


  • 2 mistakes most new marketers make – even before they’ve had time to make them!


    • 2 basic aspects to cover that will ensure maximum sales funnel success


  • 12 tactics you’ll need to know how to effectively use, in order to make the most of every opportunity


  • 5 vital functions you’ll need to know how to simply perform – master these and you’re well on your way to confidence and success

Remember… knowing how to properly use the sales funnel model to map your internet marketing strategy is your very best way to:

Cut out confusion

Increase your confidence

Eliminate unnecessary work

Eliminate many “wrong steps” or unnecessary diversions

Increase your results – and long-term success!

So don’t wait any longer – help yourself to this powerful, effective internet marketing tool today!

Also I promised your guide to “Make Money While Building Your List

To Your Success

P.S. Both of these reports are FREE


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