Scam Artiest Cures Honest Marketer

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The scam artiest or the con uses the same tactics all the time but in many different forms. This is what I call being a kameleon. Like the kameleon  the scammers change with the weather adapting their con to either the ever changing algorithms or the education level of the audience.

The thing about the scammers is that they are very predictable. The con is very simple in that they use your weakness as their weapon of choice often times being the fact you want to make money online. So What they do is make a production of how you can benefit from their scam very easily without much effort on your part. This should be your biggest clue on how not to market your products.

If you want to have a sustainable business online do not emulate the scam artiest. If you do, you may get a few sales but when your product don’t work for your customer (and it won’t) you will lose them for life. Then the other thing is you need to get visitors to your offer or SCAM. This costs money and the scammers  always leave you hanging on this part or try and sell you there “traffic generation course” as an up-sell or as a bonus to their first con. That course won’t work either  because it is very vague and to market something is a whole other course.

The scam artiest also uses email delivery as their method of presenting their offer. You have seen the subject lines (O.M.G, A Hundred Bucks By Tomorrow, Free Video Gift Others Had To Pay For) and the list goes on. The point is these Cons got your email address from somewhere. The ways to get email address through the scam circles is how they market their scam. They get together on different forums and share their list often in SOLO ads or email swapping where one scammer will trade 100 of his subscribers to another scammer to build their list of fresh SUCKERS.

Have you wondered how you get all the spam out their? Some where down the line you signed up for something, and even though they promised that your information is secure they lie. Only the honest marketer will keep their promise to keep your information secure.

So this is how the scam artiest can cure the honest marketer. Do unto others as you will have them do unto you. Meaning if you hate all the spam out their and have fallen victim to the promise of easy money (which is tempting but never true) then don’t do it. Instead have a real product or service to offer and build that business honestly and with integrity. It will not happen over night but nothing that is worth while in this life ever comes easy.

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