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 I thought I Knew Every Way There Was To Get Internet Traffic, But I Was wrong

I just found a cool way to get internet traffic using YouTube Video’s. Not only that but you could make your page go viral at the same time. So what is my little secret? Well I could tell you but then I would have to kill you.:) Only kidding.

In order for this technique to work you need to be using WordPress because these are just plug-ins for that platform.The first of these plug-ins is called “iLen Video Locker” what this plug in does to get internet traffic to your website is so cool I wish I would have thought of it. What it does is show a pic preview of the video and if someone clicks to watch it what happens is a pop-up will appear telling you to like the video on Facebook first.

Once the person likes it the video starts. This is a Internet Traffic Generating Machine! Not only do you get your blog seen by possibly thousands of viewers but you also get likes! I have even gone a step further  and placed a feature image captured from the video with a headline to make it even more interesting.

Does this work? Well you tell me, did you watch the video? How could you not? If you would like coaching on getting internet traffic to your blog or website just contact me and I will be glad to help.

The other technique I just started using is a plug-in called “YUZO-Related Posts” what this little gem does is to keep internet traffic on your website longer by offering related blogs thus reducing your bounce rate and helping your website rank higher in the search engines. This is a good thing because with all the websites competing for the attention of the search engines you need to use any tool in your box that will work to get noticed.

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