Sell Or Recommend That’s The Question

So Do You Sell Or Recommend

Because you have a website, the next logical question is what do you want to sell or Recommend online. That is of course if you are building an eCommerce site. Perhaps you are just building an informational website or a learning website. What ever you want your site to be any site can be monetized. First of all you might as well make a few bucks for all your hard work right?

So let me give you some ideas of what products or services you might sell or recommend online. Because there is a huge difference. So first think about how you can best serve your audience. If you were going to write about list building you would recommend stuff online like list building information. But only if you have the experience to recommend the products.

If you are selling an affiliate product from amazon say, you would not recommend the product, you would just advertise using sales copy. Finding the hottest selling products on the market by doing research and then leading people to what they already want is selling.

You have to build a relationship

One of the worst things you can do as a blog writter is just sell, sell, sell. People will never come back to your site if it is all about you. First you have to make it all about your audience. How? By giving away value. When you give away value you build trust. Once you get to know your audience and build trust only then can you recommend.

Because I believe you should truthfully convey an experience in order to give people the opportunity to enjoy the same experience. If you are selling, you most likely have not had any personal experience with the product or service. But recommending you do. And if you don’t have experience with a product or service you are not being truthful trying to SELL it.

Things To Recommend

You could either be an affiliate at clickbank or JVzoo and get information to recommend online. But remember you can’t truthfully recommend a product from clickbank or JVzoo unless you have experience with it. To do that you have to either buy the product and actually use it.

Or ask the creator for a copy so you can evaluate the product before you can recommend it to your audience. Because how can you really recommend something if you have no experience with what you are recommending?  

You also can do some research, and create your own eBook. Having your own product to recommend online is by far the best route to go. Everyone should be recommending their own products. Never created your own eBook? Here is a free eBook “Quick and easy eBook creation”  Just hover over the title to download.

Now say you were an expert in physical fitness. You could create products around that to recommend online, or you could endorse different products to recommend online being an affiliate, because being the expert and having actual experience with the product people will listen to the things you have to offer to help them in their journey.

Be An Affiliate For Amazon

By being an affiliate for a site like Amazon you could sell products that people already are looking for. Just don’t mislead people by recommending something if you have no experience with the product. Just point them in the direction they want to go by putting up ads or flyers on the appropriate websites.

Just do some research as to what is hot and trending, make an ad or use the ad copy from the product, tweaking it of course so you aren’t plagiarizing. You can use CPC or PPC advertising or do your own YouTube videos. Make it fun.

By knowing the difference between recommending and selling is a huge benefit to you and the people you are in contact with. There are to many so called experts out there just scamming people just for money. Money is good, but I like to be honest about how I get it.

To Your Success


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