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Sell Your Own Products Online – Make Big Bank

sell your own Products online

Choosing to make and sell your own products online can be both financially and emotionally rewarding. With full control over the look, feel, and purpose of the finished product, you can take a great deal or pride in what you offer to the world.  Here are some tips to help you with the process.

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Sell Your Own Products Online – The Creative Process

There are a few simple steps that apply to the creation process, no matter what type of product you have in mind. Envision your product. Before you can give the product a physical presence, you have to see it in your mind’s eye.

This gives you a benchmark that will guide you all the way through the actual development of your product. While your vision may change a little during the process, starting out with a standard helps to keep you on track.

Do your homework. The best of ideas can be refined with the aid of a little research. You want to get some background on other similar products out there. Even if you think your idea is totally unique.

You still need do some looking around. Learning about what is already on the market may influence how you design your product, so that it will appeal to a particular market, or be able to distinguish itself from the competition in some manner.

Make good use of storyboards along the way. Putting together some physical samples of your product, even if you are still working out the particulars of the final look, can serve as a tangible way to manage your progress. It also gives you a chance to move on to the next phase of the basics, which is testing your product.

Before you ever solicit, or market your product online, you have to make sure your product will do what it is designed to do. Set up a number of test scenarios, and use them to make any minor adjustments required to perfect the final version.

How to Use PLR Products and How They Can Help

Chances are you will need some copy for sales materials, brochures, and advertisements. While you can write the copy yourself, it may be more cost effective in the long run to either hire a professional writer or find a similar PLR product.

Hiring a professional writer will be expensive. You can cut costs by checking out There are a ton of writers that will work for a lot less than you will pay a “Professional Writer”

I myself have created hundreds of digital products by using PLR Products. A lot of the time these products already have sales copy, advertisements, email swipes, auto-responder sequences and even articles you can post on your blog.

The Need To Make PLR Products Your Own

Make no mistake, you cannot take a PLR Product out of the box and sell it online. You have to make it your own. You do this by changing the title, images, and copy. Some of these products have bad grammar or spelling mistakes. But the bones of the products are good and will save you a ton of time and money.

The two PLR Websites I use are Resell Rights Weekly and Master Resale Rights. The great thing about Resale Rights Weekly is they have hundreds of free product downloads. You just need to register a free account.

Master Resale Rights also has free product downloads. You can download all you want but you must have a minimum of .99 cent purchase.

Here is a free downloadable course that will guide you through the process of making a PLR Product your own. CLICK HERE

How to Create Graphics For Your Project

You will also need to change out your graphics. There are two places I go. The first is you can get some nice graphics done real cheap. I also use this is a free site and they have some nice tools to make graphics with.

Sell Your Own Products Online Creating Your First Product

The bottom line is that if you don’t have a great product, all the great copy and all the wonderful graphics in the world will not earn you a penny. To sell your own products online, you need to deliver on the substance. Here are a few things to keep in mind about your first product.

Keep it simple. You want a product that can be valuable for specific need or solve a specific problem. Trying to create something that is a one size fits all product can be difficult, to say the least. Design the product so that the solution is obvious, even before you begin to elaborate on the uses.

Pick a memorable name. It may be cute, or it may be informative. But make sure it is a name that will catch the attention of the consumer, and will be very easy to remember. Complicated names are basically annoying, and will not gather much interest.

Know the product inside and out. Create something that will effectively solve a common need that you have. This will give you the chance to compare it to other products and find all the little ways that your offering has an edge over the competition.

Plus, you will be able to use that data to market the product later on, which will make all the difference as the publicity campaign gets underway.

How to Get Started With the Product Creation Process Today

All great products have a beginning. In most cases, they are not spectacular in nature, but in fact start off with a few simple steps. Here are some things you can do today to get the ball rolling.

Get out some index cards and a pencil. Write down random thoughts and ideas about a product on each index card, with no more than one idea per card. Keep in mind that the process does not have to be organized from the first word of the notes.

This first step is free-form and does not even have to appear to make any logic at all. Use this time to write down anything that comes to mind, and worry about making sense of it later.

Next, organize your notes. You can do this physically, by spreading out all the index cards, and begin to set aside the ones that seem to have no connection to any of the other thoughts. Slowly, you will see a pattern emerge. This pattern will form the outline for your idea.

As you move along, some of those stray thoughts that did not seem to fit earlier will suddenly make a lot of sense. As this happens, incorporate them back into the main collection.

Once you have the skeleton of your product idea, begin to flesh it out. Go back to each card and elaborate on how the detail on that card will progress to the idea on the new card. When you are done, the foundation will be in place and you can undertake the creation process directly.

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How to Find Willing Buyers for Your Product

Once your product is in complete, you have to build a customer base or email list. Here are a few tips to help with the process.

I have made it easy for you by offering you this free eBook Targeting Your Avatar. This eBook shows you exactly how to target your audience and where you need to put your marketing efforts.

Once you have a handle on your target audience, find the places they hang out. This means looking for ways to advertise online and offline where people who meet the client profile are likely to be found.

You may choose to use print ads in magazines and newspapers, banner ads online, and classifieds in both print and online media. Getting the word to the right sources will make all the difference.

Promote your online presence. Include as many appropriate keywords and key phrases as possible in your online copy, without damaging the integrity of the text. The higher you rank in online searches, the better chance you have of making a sale.

Once a consumer is at the web site, make the ordering process as simplistic as possible. Complicated ordering strategies are a great way to turn off a customer before the first order is ever purchased. Keep it secure, but keep it simple.

How to Avoid Common Product Creation Mistakes

It is easy to make mistakes in the process of creating a new product. Fortunately, it can also be easy to avoid those mistakes.  Here are some tips to help keep the production on an even keel.

Don’t try to do everything at once. Spreading yourself too thin by working on product creation, will simply make it harder to complete one phase. Establish an escalation schedule, addressing each phase of the product creation in a logical manner of progression, and don’t try to jump around.

Completing one phase before moving on to the next will help keep the tasks from becoming a tangled mess.

Make no assumptions about the quality of your product. Test it, then test it again. In the end, you will need to be firmly behind the product you make in order to promote it effectively. Presenting it as being effective for certain applications will mean nothing unless you have verified that the product actually does address those specific needs.

Don’t assume the physical appearance does not matter. You may have a fantastic product, but if the physical presentation is not acceptable to the eye of the consumer, sales will go nowhere.

Use appropriate graphics, color schemes, and other elements that will attract customers, and also help them to begin connecting with the product even before it is used.

How to Setup Joint Ventures with Other Business Owners to Market Your Product

One way of establishing yourself in the marketplace is to create a working relationship with other business owners. Here are some tips on what types of relationships to build, and how to promote the connection in the eyes of the buying public.

Look for businesses that market products that are complimentary to your own. Associating your product with other products that are a natural marriage will make it easier for both companies to increase sales.

Look for partners that are interested in identifying multiple ways of promoting the connection. Is it possible to include a short recommendation on the sales page for both products?

Perhaps some online advertising that features the use of both products would work well. Committing resources that promote the product lines of both businesses will maximize the return on advertising for both partners.

Research potential partners carefully. You want to make sure that the business you associate with will provide products that are of similar quality to yours. This will enhance your reputation as being serious about how consumers view your product.

Whom you choose to link with in order to promote your business is key. The right partner will create a very positive image, but picking the wrong associate can damage your credibility in ways that could take years to overcome.

How to Make Money with Your New Products

The whole point of developing a new product is to make some money from your efforts. There are actually a number of ways to generate some interest that will result in some sales.

Get your web site up and running. If you don’t know how read my free eBook IPA Business Model which was a bonus if you signed up to get my eBook “Make Money Selling Information Products” above.

People are shopping on line in greater numbers than ever. Creating an online presence that allows people to order your products quickly and easily is a great way to get the ball rolling.

Consider online auctions like eBay. Auctioning off some of your products can be a great way to spread the word and create some quick cash.

Go to conventions. Setting up at conferences and conventions will allow you to interact with interested persons immediately. Depending on the rules of exhibition that apply, you may be able to sell products on site. In any case, you certainly can collect contact information from interested parties that will result in sales later on.

Think local as well as global. Don’t overlook local publicity as a means of launching your product. Ads in local media, both electronic and print, can help to jump start the sales and also provide the ideal testing grounds for a publicity campaign that targets a wider geographical area.


Product creation can be an exciting undertaking. Not only is the potential for financial rewards an attractive option, but there is also the factor of the personal level of satisfaction that is realized when a brainchild takes form and finds a place in the marketplace.

With proper planning, careful execution, and the right publicity, creating a new product will lead to fulfilling a lot of dreams.

To your inevitable success

Rey Albert

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