Can’t Get a Sign up? The Easy Way To Build A List

I know you’ve heard it before, the money is in the list. But you can’t get a single sign up. I don’t know how many courses I have seen on list building but it’s a bunch. Fact is list building is not hard. You just have to come to the realization that building a list can take a long time. If you do it the conventional way. By that I mean, blogging, networking, using social platforms and forums. That does work but if you want to make money you need to build a list fast. This is going to be an investment on your part. You need to build a seed list of about 2,000 strong. Then that is it. Free leads forever after that.

So how much will it cost? Hum, that depends on your capture page. I have found out the simpler the better. You know, less is more kind of thing. So to help you out I am going to give you a template of a capture page that I tested and got 47% opt-in. That is a great number for a capture page. But you have to read the whole article first. Let me show you the proof. As you can see I bought 400 clicks from this guy William. He over delivered 9 visitors.

sign up

As you can see in my auto-responder account I had 447 visitors but keep in mind almost 40 of them was me testing and tweaking. So even with my dilution of about 40 visitors it is still a 44% conversion rate. Not bad man. So the bottom line is I paid $209 for 400 clicks. I got 201 signups. So I paid around a $1 per signup.

sign up

If you think that is nuts, how long do you think it will take you to get 200 signups and at what real cost. So to grow a 2000 seed list would cost with these numbers $2,000 bucks. Ouch!! I hear ya. But think about this. You now don’t have to struggle. Now you can use this list to do ad swaps. You trade clicks for clicks to other list owners and build your list very large for FREE!!.

So where do I go for people that will to sign up

The hard part is finding solo ads that are not scams. Heck if you type in Google solo ad providers you will get a ton of people. Even Facebook you will find a ton of providers. Some will also be very cheap. I hope you heard the saying “you get what you pay for” but even that isn’t true when it comes o buying traffic. You have to find it from people who actually use it themselves.

A guru friend of mine Alan Magliocca turned me on to a few solos ad providers which work. The one I showed you in the example was one of the cheaper ones but I got results. If you are interested in buying solo ads that work Go Here. The other source Alan gave me is a lot more expensive, but this site is just as good.

Also the traffic wasn’t junk. All top tier as you can see below. You can’t get any better than that.

sign up

Please do not confuse signups with sales. It is very rare to actually produce sales from a person that has just signed up to your auto responder. It is up to you as the marketer to sell them with your follow up series. Stats show most people need exposure to your product about eight times before you gain enough trust with the customer for them to buy.

So now do you want to see my stupid simple capture page that produced a 47% opt in rate? Well here it is. Don’t laugh it works.

sign up

So go ahead and copy it and go to the solo ad provider and build your list.

To your success


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