OMG Blogger Looses Everything!!

Are you a blogger using a FREE Platform?

If you are a blogger who is using a free blogging platform, you might want to think twice. Most free blogging platforms will not let you monetize and you have no control of your property.

Let’s suppose you just for the fun of it you started a blog on widget building 101 for dummies on a free platform. Then before you know it your blog went viral. If you have that free platform there is no way to capitalize on the traffic. BUMMER!!

At that point you decide to start your own blog site  or website but it in the translation your blog looses all of it’s thunder. Now what? I guess you have to start over from scratch and then it is possible you will never get those readers back.

So it is very important to own what I call your own real estate. No one can take that away from you and you can do what you want with your real estate (legally of course) and take advantage of the traffic.

Collecting email addresses and building a list

As a blogger if people like your content they can sign up for to get the latest news from you and you can build your audience. This is an asset that no matter what is yours to monetize.  No many how many algorithms the search engines changes you will still have your audience which is priceless.

So in order to collect these email addresses you will need an email client like Getresponse  or Aweber. These platforms have a thirty day trile you have for free to try out, but I would recommend if you have never used one of these not to quit after thirty days because you would not have experienced the true benefit of the service.

I myself use Getresponse and what I like is if you are a newbie there is a course you can take called build your first 10,000 subscribers. You can choose you time period and go at your own pace then use the techniques they share to build your own list.

The total cost to having your own business set up with a website of your own and an email autoresponder is less than $50 bucks a month. Where else can you start a business for that kind of money. If you are saying I can’t afford $50 bucks a month, well I disagree because there is something in your spending habits that you can change to be able to afford $50 bucks a month.

If for some reason you can’t there are ways to do side jobs that will help. You could mow your neighbors lawn for $25 a pop and make $50 in a week if you are a hustler.  Shovel driveways in the winter for money, get a paper route, sell stuff on eBay, my point is if you really want it you will find a way.

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To You Success