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Come On Read This You’ll Be Getting Traffic Today!!

Getting traffic today will happen if you start using the techniques I describe in this blog post. I would not be sharing this if it did not absolutely work. Read on and comment what you think so I can respond and give help where it is needed.

I have been experimenting with different social marketing platforms to see how to get the most bang for your buck. It turns out if you don’t know by now that to get any kind of traction in your business you need visitors or traffic. This is the life blood of your business and you have to get it fare or not so fare.

Sense I implemented a source that sends live traffic to my websites for less then pennies on the dollar, I have been getting traffic funneled to my websites and my rankings are growing and people are finding me on through the search engines also.

Now this traffic source is real red blooded human beings, but the thing is with this source you don’t actually have to be sitting at your computer pushing buttons and physically viewing ads in order to get people to come to your site which I have done in the past, problem being I have other things to do during the day besides watching the computer all day  just to get hits to my sites.

I don’t know if you know this or not but the more people that visit your site the more you are relevant in the eyes of the search engines and thus your ratings go up and you start getting natural organic traffic, which is what you want.

Getting Traffic TodayAs you can see in this picture using google as a target for the Moz bar (you can get the MOZ app for google chrome free) as expected googles page authority or (PA:) is 90% and its domain authority or (DA:) is 100%. Now us mere mortals don’t have a chance to get those kinds of stats but you can raise your ratings over time by doing some simple things, and yes some you have to pay for, but not as much as you think. For instance, you could start blogging every day or as much as you can.

Because believe it or not, if you are passionate with what you are blogging about and SEO your posts using a free word press tool or plug in called (Yoast SEO)  you will start seeing results with people starting to trickle in to your website after a few months. Yes I know you want visitors sooner than later but the truth is it takes time. So here is another way to expedite the process.

Once you have started being consistent with your blogging, you need to have a Facebook fan page for your site that is congruent with your site. Because if your page resembles the feel of your website your visitors will feel more comfortable being there. Congruence through out your marketing efforts will build you as a brand in the niche you are in.

So what is the definition of congruence? Simply (compatibility, consistency, conformity, match, balance, consonance, congruity) I hope you get the picture because it is very important to be consistent all the way around. If your website has a different feel than anything else you will lose your audience.

OK, you have a congruent fan page that resembles the feel of your website, now you have to get likes to your fan page to build social proof to your readers that people actually like what you have to say. So how do we do that? Well I am afraid to say you are going to have to spend about $5 or $10 dollars to get about 300 to 500 likes to your fan page.

If you think about the cost it is only $.01 or $.02 cents per like which is cheap. Don’t do this on Fiverr because you will spend the same money but not get the same organic results (which is what you want) as you will using Facebook ads. If you do not know how to get $.01 – $.03 cent clicks using Facebook ads I have a tutorial on the subject (just go here to read my Facebook Hacks)

This campaign should only last one or two days before you get your desired amount of likes, at least 300, and you will be good to go because now people will organically just start coming to your page and you will be getting more likes.

Now you want to get organic visitors to your website. To do this you need to jump start the process by using a tool called 10khits.com. You actually can start for free as I did, because I am as skeptical as any one. I don’t trust anything that claims to do good things for money because once you spent it its gone and if they don’t do what they claim your out of luck. As you can see below in my screenshot of today at 2:30 am so far I have 82 views and three of them actually looked through my site and it is still early yet.

Getting Traffic Today

The next screen shot is yesterday, as you can see I had a total of 286 visitors and 11 of them actually went through my site.

Getting Traffic Today

If you look at my stats before I started implementing this whole strategy my highest visits for May was 17 and notice I started using this technique on May 22. So 10 days in and my stats have skyrocketed. Also notice since I took the last screen shot I went from 82 visitors to 96. If you are wondering what kind of platform I am getting my stats from it is Jetpack plug in for word press. Yes I recommend word press if you are going to build a site because it is so versatile.

Getting Traffic Today

OK, so I hope I have at least perked your interest if you are having a hard time getting traffic to your website that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg, you can be getting traffic today. If you want to try out what I am doing just follow what I wrote above and join 10Khits free. If you want to know how it works comment on this blog and I will post it for you.

Getting Traffic Today

To your success

Rey Albert

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