Starting Your Business With No Money (Elaboration)

Starting Your Business With No Money, Elaboration Request From A Reader

I have a request to elaborate on a post I did not to long ago “Tips On Starting Your Business With No Money” I would like to start by saying I wrote the post in hopes it would cover all the bases. I was thinking People could take any part of that post and create something with it.

Looking at it now I can see how some may be confused on where to start. First of all you do not absolutely need to have a website or an auto-responder. If you have an email address that is really all you need. You don’t even need a product.

Making money on the internet in theory is very simple. Some people make it more difficult than it should be. The hardest part of actually making those dollars is having people trust you. Enough to actually buy into what you have to offer. We call this traffic. Getting this traffic is easy, but converting this traffic is more difficult.

Traffic Exchanges

This is why I shared traffic exchanges for starting your own business with no money. All you need is an email address, and you can sign up to any exchange for free. But like I said you need to join at least 10 exchanges. Then you actually have to upgrade in one of them to start the snow ball rolling.

Again, if you just join 10 exchanges and start surfing you really won’t get anywhere. You need to join a team and take advantage of the education they offer. That’s why I suggested TEprofits. This site is a home for 8 exchanges so you only need to advertise one link instead of all eight. This way you don’t waist your credits that you work so hard for.

I won’t tell anyone what to do, but if you join my team at TEprofits, we can work together to get you started making money online.

If you do join under me make sure you go through the courses. This will explain a lot more than I am teaching. Then if you still need help please contact me by commenting below or click on contact at the bar up top.

The Traffic Browser

The traffic browser is a really cool tool. It can save you a bunch of time clicking through your different traffic exchanges.The goal is though is to have enough down-line so you don’t have to surf. But until you get to that point you have to have a regular surfing schedule to build up your down-line. You can get the traffic browser by clicking the banner below. It is free to use for the first seven exchanges. If you want to have more exchanges added you need to upgrade but that is really cheap. Like $10 for a whole year.

starting your business with no money

I am all about helping people. If you join me I will not leave you behind. Just remember nothing worthwhile is easy. It will take time starting your business with no money can be done you just need patience.

To your success


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