Now You Have A Subscriber List What Next


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Now That You Have A Subscriber List What Next?

The Follow Up

You worked really hard to create a subscriber list. When I first got started I had no clue how to use that list. But that has all changed now. Now I am going to teach you about the follow up.

The follow up is just a series of emails that you send to your list to keep in touch, build a relationship and market to. To do this you need an auto-responder. If you aren’t subscribed to a service yet I use Get Response.¬†Get response is the only service you can start a 30 day trial without having to register a credit card. You can start your trial by clicking the button below.

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So Why Do You Need An Autoresponder

Setting Up Your Autoresponder

The first thing is to log into your account.


Second you want to make sure you are in the right campaign.

subscriber list

Once you are in the right campaign, click on messages and create autoresponder


subscriber list

Then Create New

subscriber list

At this next screen make sure these settings are correct

subscriber list

subscriber list

You can do this for as many days as you want. I recommend at least 8 messages staggered. The first message should be a thank you message followed by a call to action message the next day. then skip a few days and create some value by giving something away. This way you are not always selling. Do the free give away at least one more time in a few days then try and push what you wanted them to buy in the first place.

The point is don’t always be trying to sell something or your audience will unsubscribe from your campaign. You will still have that but not as much. Remember this is a numbers game. So just keep plugging away.

To your success


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