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Successful Affiliate Love What you Do What you Love

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If you want to be a successful affiliate, you have two options. The first is to become a JV Partner and grind it out selling all the new regurgitated garbage they create. Or you can sell stuff people actually want.

I choose the later because I feel it is more marketable and sustaining then selling promises that don’t work for 99% of the would be marketers out there.

In my last post I showed you what a successful affiliate website looks like. It is simple and you can duplicate it. In this post I will guide you through the process. So lets do this.

The Successful Affiliate Knows What They Are Good At

So there must be something you love to do, know a lot about or are willing to learn because you love the idea. If you don’t have an interest in something you will get board and quit.

The successful affiliate will have no problem finding affiliate products to sell their customers. The only wall you will face is the traffic barrier. But no worries, I will also show you how to hurtle that wall.

First lets figure out what is it you want to sell and if you already know great! If you don’t just create a list of all the things you can do or know about. I promise you there will be a market for anything you can think of.

I’ll prove it to you. Say your good at playing the fiddle. “I am trying to think out of the box here.” So Bare with me. Now go and do a search on “playing the fiddle” below are the results of that search. As you can see there is 375,000 exact fraise searches. Plus there are advertisements which is a bonus!! So there is something there to explore.

Successful Affiliate

The point here is do something you love so you will stick with it. Don’t start out on this journey thinking you are going to make money right out of the gate. Because you won’t. There is a learning curve and every one is very different. I am going to give you the tools and the blue print, but you have to figure out what works for you….

If you don’t know what it is you want to do online here is a short video that might help

OK, Lets Start Building Your Successful Affiliate Site

To build this website we are going to use WordPress. This platform is the most used platform on the internet. Why, Because of its simplicity. Drag and drop features and the use of plug-ins to do just about anything you like.

But first you need to have a domain name. If you don’t know how to attain one watch this video.

Then you need website hosting. If you don’t know how to do that watch this short video

Now lets install our theme.


Here Is the download for the demo content

To see the rest of the blueprint you can go here.

To your success







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