Targeted Advertising Part1 Having A Plan Of Attack

Having a plan of attack is crucial to targeted advertising. So, first things first – what you need to do is you need to figure out what are you selling? There are two different avenues here. Are you selling your own product or service. Meaning you’re trying to generate leads for yourself. Are you trying to build a list for yourself, or are you trying to brand yourself or are you trying to sell your product or service?

If you’re trying to sell your own product or service. Then the content that you want to angle it towards will be in a different way. You’ll be utilizing your own brand, your own experience, perhaps your own case studies and things like that.

Targeted Advertising On The Flip Side

Now the flip side of it is you’re selling somebody else’s product or service. This can be affiliate marketing. Maybe you’re promoting their product and taking a specific cut out of their business. I don’t know but only you know your direction better. So, I want you to pick and choose because I’m going to hone in on two things. Your own product or service or somebody else’s product or service.

So, we have affiliate marketing and we have cost per action, which means that people get paid for sending leads. For example, you get paid for every time somebody fills out a form or takes a specific action. Before you can use targeted advertising you need to know one thing.

Who Is Your Audience

The next thing you need to figure out is who is your audience. The worst case scenario that a lot of people will take is they figure out – okay, this is what I’m selling and I’m just going to go ahead and write some content. Wrong. That’s the worst case scenario of targeted advertising. What you want to do is you want to figure out who your audience is. Actually who is your demographics. What do they look like, what do they like, what do they dislike, what frustrates them, and what are their problems? Hence the keyword “targeted audiance.”

To do that, what we want to do is we want to go to a website called as you can see here.

targeted advertising

We want to find some high authority competitors.

The second thing we want to do is go to We want to copy and paste those high authority competitors into will give us access to some demographics.

targeted advertising

At that point, we’re going to go use another free tool (all these tools are free). We want to go to Facebook Ad Insights and that tool is run by Facebook Ads.

targeted advertising

It allows you to see the whole demographics, the likes, the dislikes, the overall spectrum of that particular audience. What they like as far as pages, how they engage with that niche and a lot more information.

Let’s Get Started

So, without talking about it too much, I’m going to go straight to the sites. I’m going to quickly go through them fairly so you can see that this is a process that you need to do. Also it is a process that should not take a lot of time. All right! Let’s go ahead and do that right now.

All you need to do is go to Link should open up in a different window. What we need to do is when we get to is click on Explore.

targeted advertising

The whole goal of this specific Step 1 is to figure out a high authority domain name that is getting a lot of traffic. Because, they have gathered enough data that you can use. Looking at a competitor that has already been established and then applying that to you is the easiest way to figure out who your demographics is. So, painting a picture of who your person/your audience looks like essentially. That’s what we’re trying to do.

targeted advertising

Let’s say for example we type in ‘dog’ and of course, what I recommend that you do is to type in the word that discribes what you are selling. Or at least be somewhat similar. If you’re unable to find any results with, another avenue that you can take is by going to Google. Typing in the same keyword and looking at the very top. look at the competitors that are paying for Ads. You don’t necessarily have to click these. But for the purpose of this tutorial type in dog.

targeted advertisment

what I recommend is just head on over to Make sure that this is the site that is similar to what you might be trying to sell.

Lets go over to the site, let’s just take a quick look.

targeted advertising

So, we can see right off the bat, it seems to be a high authority content marketing based site. It has tons and tons of content about dogs and other animals. This is the site that matches what we’re trying to do. If it doesn’t, then of course, you’ll need to find another site.

Step Two

But it does, so then you can move onto the next step. Go to, (also opens in another window.) Entering the site by scrolling down till you see

targeted advertising

we just found and click on Find. Then of course scrolling all the way to the very bottom. As you can see, that reveals to us who visits

targeted advertising

This is the audience we want to target. is going to give you only a partial amount of data because this is the free version. There is a paid version but I don’t recommend going down that route because you really don’t need it. We can see that the majority is female. It looks like about 90%-95% female and a very little percentage of male. Then we can see that these females have at least college or graduate school. They surf primarily at home. That’s all the data that we need right now.

Step three Facebook Ad Audience Insights

To get to this particular page, you have to go to First you need to log into facebook, then click here

targeted advertising


targeted advertising

targeted advertising

Let’s just go ahead and do that right now. The first option is to look at everybody on Facebook and that’s what I recommend that you do. If you need some training here I have a free eBook here that can help you.

targeted advertising

So let’s click on everyone because you get a broader base. As you could see, you could specify country if you want to and Age if you know that off the bat.

targeted advertising

But I’m going to leave all that blank. If the website you chose is big enough, sometimes you can type in dogster.

targeted advertising

As you can see, it shows Dogster Website and Dogster Magazine. That’s why try to go for high authority and really big established companies. You could type in dog and you could look at it and make sure you get the same thing. You can see Snoop Dogg is right here so that’s obviously wrong. That’s a person and a celebrity.

Now, I’m going to go back to Dogster in facebook insights. Really what we’re trying to do is figure out, does it match up with Alexa? We saw that it was a good amount of women, 81% women and 19% men as you at the dogster website. As far as the age group goes, it’s about 35 to about 54+ that are interested in

targeting advertising

Those people are most likely going to be our audience as well. Can see out of the 19% men, it’s about the same age so they’re likely married to these women. If you scroll down, we can see other things like lifestyle. We can see relationship (most of them are married), we can see college, we can see job title. But we can stop at this point.

To do targeted advertising whether you are selling an affiliate product or your own product or service, it doesn’t matter. Really, at the end of the day, we just got to figure out the audience demographics for our targeted advertising. Once we’ve figured that out, everything else is going to be really, really easy and it’s going to fall into place. So next lets figure out content.

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