Targeting Your Avatar Market Segmentation

Targeting or┬ámarket segmentation according to Wikipedia is “Market segmentation is the process of dividing a broad market, normally consisting of existing and potential customers, into subsets of consumers (known as segments), that have, or are perceived to have, common needs, interests, and priorities”.

Targeting Is What We Need To Be doing

I have discovered something very important. Also I had to pay for this information. But I am going to give it to you Free of charge. Why? Because I truly believe you get back 10 fold what you give.

So what I already knew is that getting traffic to offers is where most online marketers fail. Sure we all know about targeting. But most people just can not find the path. The only way to figure it out is not quit and just slowly learn spending a lot of money. Sound familiar?

Even though I cannot promise you success with this technique, you will learn something. So what is it? Instead of just paying for ads and wasting money, you need to know who you are marketing to. I know you know that already. But the thing is, how do you really know if you got it right?

How many times have I or you bought a marketing course and thought wow I got it and dove in. Only to see low or no results. Why? Because something was missing. This has happened to me a lot. So the thing I learned has to do with Facebook. Please don’t say I know about Facebook. What can you ad that I don’t already know. Well lets find out.

Creating The Avatar

Have you ever been taught this before? To create an avatar? I have but I never really understood the whole thing. What I have learned is that you need to get to know this avatar very intimately. But how do you get to know something about an imaginary avatar? Where can you get all the information you need to get to know that avatar?

Well believe it or not it is right in front of everyone. But unless someone points it out to you you will never see it. So what the heck is this guy talking about anyway? What I am talking about is Facebook ads. You can use the Facebook ads manager just like you use the Google keyword planner. They are both free to use and you can be banking if you know how to use them to your benefit.

This is all free information for anyone to use. Like I said, I paid for this information, but I am giving it to you free. I created a eBook that goes into detail about how to use Google and the Facebook Ads Manager to give you the information you need to laser target your prospects. You can use this information to do any kind of advertising, because you will know who you are marketing to. If you think I am full of it than so be it. But for those who want to learn something very key to your success Get Your Free eBook Here.

I am always here to help when I can, just comment.

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