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Things You Should Know As A Marketer

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I am writing this because of my own experiences with this industry. It seems there are more and more people out there that think of nothing but them selves. I have been following a lot of marketers trying to see what makes their world work in the IM Industry.

What I am seeing is not good. I haven’t yet found any of them that actually care about anyone else but themselves. In this industry it is supposed to work like this. (or at least I thought so)

Phase One The Struggle

When people first get that light bulb go off and say I want to be a marketer and build a website and sell things and get rich!! I know that is what I wanted. Then you start looking around for information and all you find is so much noise about this product and that product and how you can get this and that with one push of a keyboard stroke.

What a bunch of crock. So I want to be an ethical marketer. I don’t want to push products on people and tell them this is a great product and that is a wonderful product if in fact I don’t know for sure. I want to build real and lasting relationships with people and actually help the.

So now you take courses on marketing, social media, WordPress, and how to use tools like auto-responders etc. The thing is, people use those tools all wrong. Even myself up until now set up automated email campaigns to people that would hit my funnel and used the tactics taught to me by other marketers.

You Got To Be Real

So now, I am getting away from setting up those campaigns because they are meant to push people through funnels to get them to buy something, not to build a relationship. Plus over time those funnels get out dated and because you have so many of them you never update them you just keep making more. And on and on it goes.

So now, after falling for a lot of the sales hype out there and really getting know where, I am making a change. I will still work on getting people to listen to my message, but not to try and sway them to purchase, purchase, purchase. But to actually teach them what I know. I will continue to buy stuff and if it works I will share.

My auto-responder won’t be used to send out pre-written content but rather to communicate on a larger scale, but in real time. That way nothing gets old and nothing gets repeated to new people joining my group. Yes I want to make money like everyone else, but you don’t have to do it by squeezing your followers with this product and that product.

You can actually make money in other ways like having advertisers (of your choosing) put non invasive ads on your site. That way people can choose weather they want a product or not.

If there is something that really works then a recommendation is warranted. But not to bombard your followers with offers for the sake of have money at the tap. Because eventually they will leave.

My Conclusion

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I truly want to help people and don’t want them to waist their time on bull crap. I can’t promise you you will get rich. But I can promise you you will learn the right way and if you treat people like you want to be treated things can happen for you.

Thanks for your time if you read all the way through.

To your success