Three Proven Strategies To Get Free Traffic

Anyone who is on the internet and has a business should already know about these three proven strategies to get free traffic to their website. The Problem lies in the fact traffic is a commodity for those who exploit it by selling so called cheap traffic.

I could make a long list of these companies but all you need to do is google “free traffic sources” and you will come up with hundreds of sites. So how does a blog tap into these free proven strategies to get free traffic?

Three Proven Strategies To Get Free Traffic

  1. TWITTER: Unless you been under a rock for the last several years you already know about Twitter. Twitter is a community that is very involved in meaningful purposes for the most part. People like to brag about how many followers they have, but you need to have the right followers for your business. To use Twitter effectively you need to be patient and attract those that are right for your business. So this will take time to develop but is a great resource for free traffic.
  2. Facebook: Facebook has been written about so much it is like beating a dead horse. But you still cam use this method to get traffic to your website. You need to start with a fan page for your business. When blogging about your niche make sure you post in on your time line. Then to attract likes and people wanting to engage with you boost your post. It does cost a few dollars to do, but it is the fastest way to attract like minded people. Also join groups in your niche and be active. Don’t try and sell them right away. Be helpful and give value first. Otherwise you will look just like those other people just trying to make a buck.
  3. LINKEDIN: If you are a professional than this is where you need to be. Because LinkedIn has a more refined image, this is where professionals prefer to go. To use LinkedIn you first need to create a profile that has the right information. Once you have that set up you need to expand your network. Avoid being aggressive in your marketing and post updates. You need to be professional and engaging in order to attract other like minded professionals.

Bottom line is that traffic is not an easy thing to get. There is so much competition to get your interest that you need to be consistent in your marketing. Don’t use free methods unless you use traffic exchanges, because at least you know there are other people watching your ads, even if they just surf by. I have a free starter video course for those that are interested. There is an upgrade if you choose it, but this will get you started. So these are the three proven strategies to get free traffic but there are more. You just have to keep going at it until you find what works for you.

To your success