Traffic Easy Conversions Suck What To Do

Traffic Easy Conversions Suck, but keep pushing

I hate to discourage people but fact is fact. Traffic Easy Conversions Suck is a true statement. That is why most people quit trying to make money online. It is simple to have a product, website and to receive traffic but to convert that traffic is the most frustrating.

So what do we need to do to get conversions?

First      you need to concentrate on one thing. Remember if you are trying to promote multiple products it is like having multiple businesses. With multiple businesses how are you going to afford all the traffic you will need. Never mind trying to convert that traffic. So you need to focus on one. Once you get one locked down then go to another.

Second Do not us the affiliate promotional tools. Everyone else is using those tools, create your own unique tools.

Third    Create a website around your product and blog about it. If you can’t afford a website of your own use it’s FREE. Create a Facebook page about your product. SEO your blog so the search engines can find your blog. You can use for SEO.

Forth      You need to send traffic to your site or promotional tool. Create a splash page using This site is FREE to join and you can create as many pages as you want. Use the splash page to capture email addresses using an auto-responder. A FREE one is

Five        Get traffic from traffic exchanges to start. They are free to join and the traffic are real live people. This is where you concentrate and send every credit to your splash page to capture email addresses and then send them to your offer. You need a ton of traffic and a converting splash page and offer page. This is why you stick to one thing.

That’s it. But don’t be fooled you need to have thick skin if you want to make it online because even with doing everything right it still takes time to make money online. Below are links to useful info.

Wix a FREE Site

Listwire a free auto-responder

Free Traffic Report Turn Your Clicks Into Cash

To Your Success


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