Doing Traffic Exchanges Right

Traffic Exchanges Can Help If You Do Them Right.

Traffic Exchanges have been around a long time. These websites can help you get your website in front of thousands of people. The problem is that most of the people search in the same manner. What they do is surf site after site not even looking at yours. But you can get a better edge if you just use your head.

First of all you can’t just show plain Jane websites in traffic exchanges. That is a sure way not to get your site noticed. What you need to do is catch the eye of the surfer. You have about 2 seconds to do this. Like I said people in Traffic Exchanges are there for the same thing, to show their sites. So you have to stand out.

Traffic exchangesI have to admit I am experimenting with different techniques but I do know flashy and short is the way to go. This one caught my eye right away when the site popped up while I was surfing. Also I did stop for a few seconds to check it out. But this is what I am talking about. Right away the flashing “wait” grabs you. Then the bright yellow holds your attention. I won’t even mention the girl:)

You can get further in numbers

OK, you have a catchy flashy eye catcher. But their is still something else you have to do. I am talking about being part of a group. In a group you are more able to capitalize in the numbers. In a group you get more deals and a proven strategy for success and also free training. Also most of these groups work with other Traffic Exchanges for bonuses.

Traffic ExchangesThe groups should be part of 8 or more exchanges. When you sign up to the group you sign up for all the exchanges and ad your user ID in the appropriate boxes. Then if it is a good group they will have a brand-able PDF you can give away with all your user ID’s embedded. This way if anyone signs up for these Traffic Exchanges through your PDF they will fall under you. This is how you build in the groups.

I am in a group called TE-Profits. Here is a copy of the PDF for you to look at. You don’t have to join anything, but at least you can educate yourself. It is hard enough to get noticed in the internet and most people can’t do it alone. Even the gurus have a team, everyone that is successful does. So I hope you become part of my team. I want you and I to become successful together. Don’t forget to check out TE-Profits.

To Your Success


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