Traffic exchanges are yours Set Up Right

Traffic Exchanges Need to Be Fully Set Up

Do you use traffic exchanges for traffic? If you don’t you are missing out on some of the best FREE traffic there is. In the traffic exchanges there are people just like you and me looking for people to look at their offers. The only bad thing is the traffic is not very targeted to any specific niche. But besides that you can still get exposure and earn some cash. Isn’t that what we all want in the end?

The first thing is though is you have to fully set up your traffic exchange. Most people just sign up, add a website to advertise and start surfing. But there is so much more to it than that. Because this is free you want to take advantage of every traffic source. There are four in particular we will discuss. But first you need to make sure your profile is fully completed. The most important thing in your profile is where to send commissions. Be sure you have that set up or you won’t get paid.


The first thing people do and for most the only thing they do, is ad a couple of sites. Then they start surfing. After a week or two the surfing stops and they abandon the traffic exchanges all together. Even thinking they don’t work. Well setting up a couple of sites isn’t going to cut it if that is all you do.

So Lets Talk About What Else You Need To Do

Banners, Text ads and Power builder 

The above ad platforms are very helpful to your success. Most affiliate programs including the Traffic Exchanges provide banners to advertise or promote the site. Not all affiliate programs include text ad swipes, but you can create those yourself. The power builder is a tool where you add your affiliate links to the traffic exchanges they support.

First let me explain that using the affiliate promotional tools is not a good idea. What I mean is everyone else is using the same tools. You need to stand out. So you need to make your own. Here is a post I did on making landing pages. Here is a post I did on making animated banners. Another tip is to capture the email address of people. us the landing pages to capture email before you send them to the sales page. This way you can build a relationship with the people interested in what you have to offer.

Using More Than One Traffic Exchange

Another good tip is to use more than one traffic exchange. I suggest no more than ten to star with. Promote the exchanges to build a down-line. Be careful not to promote a traffic exchange with its own banners and splash pages. Use them for other exchanges. Here is a FREE REPORT that is very useful in explaining everything I am writing about in great detail. My last tip is to schedule a time each day to surf each day. Consistency is the key as with anything you do in life.

To Your Success


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