Traffic Generator You Gotta Have one

You Gotta Have One Of These “The Traffic Generator”

The Traffic Generator, the ultimate way to get traffic to your website or offers GUARANTEED!! Yes that is right, I can show you how. First of all you need to promise to read the whole thing. Then you need to promise to take action. I am not selling anything. I am delivering value and a golden nugget. Because if you succeed, I succeed, simple as that.

The traffic generator has a few parts to it. The first part is a Free traffic exchange called Hitleap. This site has you download a viewer that runs in the background. While it is running on auto pilot you earn minutes that translates into traffic to your site or offer. I even let it run all night. Keep your antivirus running and you will not have any problems. So join Hitleap free now to start traffic get to your site.

The next part to the traffic generator is TE Profits. This is also a free a free site to join. This site has a few important parts to it. First you sign up for free. Second you join all the traffic exchanges in the site for free, there are eight of them. Once you join all the exchanges you put your referral ID in the brander to brand an eBook. This eBook you will give away to anyone who wants it. Third you put your TE Profits affiliate ID in all he traffic exchanges you have just joined. Then make sure your profile is complete including your paypal email or payaz what ever you use. (wanna get paid right:)

Then surf the hell out of those exchanges. The more you surf the more traffic you will generate. Plus you will be getting traffic from Hitleap.

Surfing Faster Using An Auto Tab

The next part to the traffic generator is a free program called Traffic Browser. What this program does is help you surf much faster. By automatically switching tabs as you surf. Instead of manually clicking to the next tab after you verify your surf session. This will get your credits accumulated faster by being able to surf faster. I can surf 1000 sites an hour easily. Because this is all I do. Surf an hour a day using Traffic Browser and run hitleap in the background.

By Joining TE Profits and surfing all the exchanges at once you will see your hits growing in your TE Profits account.  When someone joins they in turn will join all the same traffic exchanges giving you down lines fast. Don’t expect things to happen right away. Be patient and dedicate a regular surfing schedule like I do. I promise if you don’t quit you will start making money, a residual income you can grow.

Free Traffic

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Free Traffic

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