It’s a Bird It’s a Plane, It’s The Turbo Paypal System

Do you remember the “Turbo PayPal System?”

Well the Turbo PayPal System scammed a lot of people a few years ago including myself. I think I paid like $4.99 for the thing and when I received the product I had no clue as to what it was.

The creator known as Carlos, was actually a smart guy. When I first saw the product I didn’t know what it was. Now four years later I figured it out. It really wasn’t a scam in the deliberate sense that Carlos was selling nothing but air, it was a marketing plan only missed named the Turbo PayPal System, because PayPal had a lot to say about using their name on a product. Below is the original video, you can see how convincing it is.

So here is how Turbo PayPal works

You pay your $4.99 and you receive a zip file of the product. When you unzip the file you get 3 videos on how to set up the system, a file called tools, and one called programs. In the beginning Carlos tells you to make it your own, that should be the first clue for me but it went over my head and I was thinking, whats wrong with the way it is?

In the first video he does a really good job in explaining all the tools and programs in the package which you really can’t use most of them because they are banners and buttons with Turbo PayPal all over them so to use this system as it is you would only be promoting Carlos product even if you tried to have the pay button go to your PayPal account. Do you see the smarts this guy has?

The trick, is to make up your own Brand and create or modify all the sales stuff to your Brand. He tells you this from the get go, but no one actually does this so his system went viral because everyone and their dog was promoting the Turbo PayPal System Carlos Brand.

In the second video Carlos shows you how to set up a Free Website with what he is doing is really simple I have the first part video below, NOTE: you cannot share this video. The second Part is below.

As you can see there is nothing special or propitiatory about the website he makes. It really is a simple and smart idea. This is what I mean when I say you can sell ice cream to People in the North Pole if you have Marketing Skills.

Could you sell people on a money website like in the video? Hell yes, but you have to find the right way to do it. People are falling for get rich dreams every day. Is it right or ethical to do so? Not if you have any morals. You would be promoting junk and that ain’t cool.

But you could use the same technique to market real products that people actually want. You can sell stuff from Amazon, eBay or any retailer that has an Affiliate program.

Say you wanted to sell TV’s from Amazon, just set up a simple free website like in the video and market it. Your going to find out if you want to sell things online you need a way to market your product. That’s the only way your going to make any money online.

I would like to help people get started the right way. If you have a product or service you want to promote online I am your guy. I can show you what to do but the bottom line is you have to be creative when it comes to marketing, everyone in the business will tell you that.

To Your Success


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