Twitter Cash Formula My Review Read Before You Buy

I hope you did not buy this training “twitter cash formula” yet because it is not as simple as it implies. If it were that easy everyone would do it. I actually bought the product and went right into it. I wanted to see how easy or hard it really was. So here is my take on it. If anyone can tell me I did something wrong please comment.

Twitter Cash Formula My Review

So I like the fact that in the beginning the creator tells you what you will need to implement the strategy. Straight forward, Basically a website, autoresponder and FREE Re tweet and Follow Software. (which really isn’t FREE) But we will get into that later.

First thing to do is find a product to promote. Simple there are a gazillion products out there from as many providers so I won’t even go there. If you don’t know where to get affiliate products from you should get your money back for this training.

Second thing is to create a lead magnet. Easy to do for novice marketers but for someone who has never done it before not so much. So that is challenge #1. For new marketers is creating a lead magnet. Mine took me a whole day to create. So there went one day of this so called easy set up.

Third you go to twitter and research you intended product on there ad platform which will show you the competition in the market. OK great, and if you don’t have a twitter account create one for free.

Product Selection

Now goes a whole section of how to select products and how to get affiliate approval. If you go through click bank or almost any other platform except the warrior forum you don’t need approval. I think this section should have been in front of the twitter walk through, and you will find that all through the document where you are back peddling all the time to do things.

Next is the autoresponder setup.  I did learn something in this part but again it is too soon in the tutorial because you have to get other things set up first. So this should have been put later in the tutorial. Lets move forward, we will get there.

But if you don’t have an auto responder yet (and you will need one sooner than later) Get a free 30 day  trial at GetresponseTwitter Cash Formula. You don’t need to use a credit card for signing up, just after thirty days if you keep the service. So if you no nothing about setting up campaign, opt-in page, creating a lead magnet Getresponse has a free university you can learn the whole thing from soup to nuts free.

So now you can create your lead magnet. But it will take you longer that you think. Don’t hurry it though, you want it to look great. If you would like to see the quality of mine you check out my funnel here. I think it came out pretty good.

Create Your Landing Page

Now we are getting into the nitty gritty. Because this part and creating your thank you page is not as easy as that. I will explain why. First of all you get three options to do this. Two of them you have to pay for which I won’t even get into because if you are using these services (optimized press or click funnels) you don’t need to read any further case you know what you are doing. (I Hope)

So lets get into the third option which is the creators plug-in called “The Twitter Cash Formula Inviter” which I actually like. In my opinion this was worth the six bucks and change I paid for the course. But you need a WordPress theme in order to use it so if you have a Godaddy website or something like that it does you no good.

So then they go into how to create your capture page and insert your webform so people can sign up to your list before they get to your lead magnet. If you can’t use this plug-in because you don’t have a WordPress theme I have a free tutorial how to do it using free tools and a Getresponse account.

Now The Twitter Set-up

Here they tell you to create a new twitter account based on the product you selected. Why didn’t they say that the first time they had you create an account. See what I mean about this thing being all over the place?

Now make sure you complete your twitter profile, this is very important for the next few steps.

After this it goes into creating follow up emails for your auto responder, why didn’t they go into that at the autoresponder set up with creating the campaigns?

Twitter Cash Formula traffupOK now the traffic part. You have to sign up to for a free account. It is free but what you need to do is generate points by following people on twitter so you will have the points for people to follow you and re-tweet your tweets. The creator of the product says he can get 3,000 points in 3-5 minutes but I find it to be an over simplification. It takes way longer than that believe me. Now you can pay for points, but this is supposed to be free?

So here comes the next thing, the auto following and auto messaging. at least here he tells you you need to pay six bucks and change a month to do these auto messaging and follows. But in the sales page everything is supposed to be free, so what the heck.

In a nutshell here is what they promised in the sales page:

I think this check sheet is a little over exaggerated. It is not easy, you do need skills to pull this off, it is not newbee friendly and you do need some experience. I am not saying people couldn’t learn the skills needed, but you are not going to get this thing up and running in any short amount of time. It took me a week to get everything set and I have experience.

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