Got Balls? You Need Them If You Wanna Online Business

Wanna Online Business Do Ya?

wanna online business sales pagesLook, wanna online business? Want to know why 97% of the people who start an online business fail? Well I’m gonna tell you and you won’t like it. But I am not here to pump sunshine where the sun don’t shine. I am here to tell you the truth. Can you Handle the truth? If you want an online business you better strap in for the long haul because it ain’t gonna come anytime soon.

I am sick and tired of hearing all these marketers saying how easy it is to make money online. It is true that they honestly believe that people want to hear hype and get excited about it. Ask them, if it is so dam easy how long did it take them to start earning online. I bet it wan’t in a few months like they would like to have you believe.

I know their are good products out there and affiliate marketing can be very profitable. But the thing people struggle with is getting the traffic to these offers.

You can not buy good traffic period. The only way to get good traffic is hard work and getting people to trust you. People that are making money online have struggled, clawed and scraped their way to success. They have gotten a following of people that trust them. This does not happen overnight.

An Email I Received From A Guru

This email that follows is a typical hype email about making an easy $1,000 using a software he is selling.

wanna online business earn money online$1000 in One Single Day Using A Computer and Internet Connection
First time ever, I’m disclosing this to the public(facebook friends). So, here is exactly what I did. And you can do it too… here are the steps
STEP-1: I created a simple talking animation using a software and put it on my squeeze page.
STEP-2: Sent some free traffic from social media & my email list
STEP-3: After they opted in I let the affiliate do all the hard work ! I hardly lifted a finger
The money in the screenshot came to my paypal… and the next day into my bank account.
This Method can be done by anyone. It’s new and not saturated. It is super simple and totally scalable
So, if you get the pdf document, you are actually getting both at the same time… you get
1. How I made $1000 in one day and
2. How you can make money (in an easier, simpler way that anyone can make)
INTERESTED? – Just write “I wanna learn” in the comment
I’ll give you the pdf document 100% free of cost as a gift.
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Do You See What Is Happening Here?

wanna online business bullshitThis guy has a bunch of followers that want to learn how to make money online. He is exploiting his authority by giving them false promises of duplicating his success. He is only successful because these people believe every word is Gospel. It is sad people take advantage of other who are sincere.

Yes he is going to show these people a case study of how he earned the money. But little do they realize they are the case study. If he didn’t have these followers he wouldn’t be making squat. And you see how he hypes them up buy promising something for free and if interested write “I Wanna Learn” In the comment.

So far as I am writing this he has 76 people that have commented “I Want To Learn” Like leading sheep to slaughter, all they will learn is there money is gone. Why because they don’t have the following to pull it off. Yes he will give them the step by step manual, but without anyone to follow them they will fail.

Stop Believing The Bullshit Out There

wanna online business join nowIf you really want to learn how to operate a profitable internet business stop the madness and stop believing in these people who promise everything and give you nothing.

Join My “IPA Business Model To 5K Monthly” I am not making no money on it so you have no fear from me. I want to earn your trust and will never treat you like a sheep to slaughter like these guy’s do.

Also I promise success will not come easy so if you have no grit don’t even bother to join. I will teach you from scratch how to build your business whatever niche you are in.

This course is for free for a couple of reasons and I will be honest here. First, this course is not fine tuned. I need you to start and let me know what I am missing or what I did not teach well enough so I can perfect this course. You benefit by learning and building a business. I benefit by developing a quality course I can put on the market one day. Plus a Bonus “we become good friends in business”.

So lets do this. Join My Group And Lets Kick Ass

To your success

wanna online business follow me

Rey Albert

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