You Want Traffic How Do You Get It

You Want Traffic How Do You Get It?Want Traffic How Do You Get It? Everyone wants traffic to their website or offer, but are you willing to do the work? Because there is no cookie cutter way to get traffic. You have to try different methods until you find what works for you.

For myself I have been blogging my butt off, and keeping up a social profile. Nothing is fast and instantaneous but if you work at it long enough it will work.

The thing about this internet stuff is it tests you. If you keep at it till you break through you got it. But most people give up after a month or two and if after a couple of years they haven’t broke through they to give up.

If you look at any successful person on the internet you will see that they didn’t just start yesterday. Most people take at least two years of constantly putting themselves out there before something happens for them. Some take even longer. The point is I guess is if you don’t love what you are doing it will seem to much like work and you will quit.

Isn’t that why you wanted an internet business to begin with? To have the freedom to live your life on your terms? And you thought it would be easy why? Because some guru said so. Don’t believe the gurus. They just want to make money and they will do it anyway they can.

If you believe their bull crap and buy their lies they will just keep feeding you bull crap till you’re broke. There is no easy way to get anything in life and the internet is as elusive as anything. But if you keep going through the hell, eventually you will break through.

The hell is trying to find your own way. You can learn from other people but their success won’t be yours. Their cant be two Bill Gates but Then there was Apple and Steve Jobs. No two are the same but they accomplished different things in the same arena.

I don’t know how else to express this to the new people out there. But I promise if you don’t quit you will find success. Below is a letter I copied and pasted from an individual who was in the same shoes as most of you, but finally is starting to see the light.

Hey guys,

I’ve been in and around internet marketing and at the start of 2017, I thought, let’s go for it.

I’ve been around a while mainly for a niche website for tips but not to actively make money.

I’ve managed to make more than my actual job internet marketing, helping others and growing myself up. All tools I have used from building websites in the past.

If anyone is struggling and having that feeling its not working. You need to stop and think. Everyone has to start somewhere, all the people on this forum have all had a start point and it usually starts with zero.

– You need to learn how to market
– Learn how to speak to people
– Learn how to convert leads into sales.

Don’t be that person who gets into an opportunity and expect it to work out when you put no work in! You got to work your face off and put all the effort and learning in.

Bit by bit, day by day you will see progress and its amazing when you see it.

To Everyone’s Success

You Want Traffic How Do You Get It?

Rey Albert

P.S. I have a great course IPA Business Model To 5K Monthly

Its not a get rich quick scheme you have to work, but it will guide you down the right path.

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