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Website Traffic, How Do We Get It

Website Traffic seems to be the most elusive ingredient that plagues most internet people. I truly believe this is why most people give up trying to do anything online. Does this sound  like you can relate?  Don’t feel alone, everyone has trouble with Web traffic when they first start any online venture.

In this post I will try and shed some light on the subject By first describing the problem and shed some true light on how to do it. I must warn you though there really isn’t any quick and deliberate way to get targeted website traffic on demand unless you have a following or get really lucky. So The first question is……

Why Doesn’t anyone teach people how to get traffic,?

You know I have wondered just that, but if you search around on the internet there is a ton of free information on the subject. The problem is people are looking for the quick fix and there isn’t any.  I have a little bit of info which is very available if you search for it.


So What do we do?

First of all stop buying solo ads, would you really sell your hard earned  list to people that would just spam the hell out of them just to have them unsubscribe? I know you know the answer to that, and stop buying traffic from all those supposedly high traffic sites that sells thousands of clicks for very little money, those are just robots you are paying for and never amount to anything. So here it goes, there is nothing I am going to say most of you don’t already know, so what you need to do is just stop wasting your money and just get to work.

10 methods1

YouTube: So I know you heard of this method but have you actually tried it? No you aren’t going to get a bunch of traffic at first unless you get lucky and have something  you make go viral which is not the norm. But over time you will get visitors to your site and your videos. It is all about consistency. That’s why the statistics show only 2% make it online, the reason is it is hard and not easy like some people might want to lead you to believe. I have noticed a definite increase in daily traffic. Below is a graph from my site. In Feb 10th through the 14th of this year you see a big spike  in traffic, this is due to paid sites that gave me bots instead of people.  I received no benefit from this traffic. Now look at the 16th through March 3rd and you can see a definite slow climb in website traffic. This is due to the consistency in social media posts, YouTube videos  and blogging.

website traffic


website trafficClassified Ads: So here are some free classified and social sites that everyone knows about. Like I said the key is

consistency. I would not get myself overwhelmed in doing all the things I am writing about at once.  Take a few and be consistent you will really see a difference like I have and if you can see I really isn’t a lot of time to get it from no visitors to a steady and growing flow of traffic in a little less than a month. You bet your bottom dollar I am going to continue on the path and continue blogging and doing video’s and sharing it on social media. That is what I am doing.

If you decide to go this way do not spam and do offer real helpful information. Think when you put something on a site and ask yourself, would I like this? Be honest with yourself and put out quality content consistently and you will not be sorry.

Website TrafficBlog commenting: This is something I missed for a long time. If you are like me you read a lot of stuff and most of the time there is a comment box at the end of each post you read. For god sake take advantage of that. There is always a place to put your website address and when you post the comment you have instant exposure and a link back to your website.  The thing is when you comment say constructive things because most likely before your comment goes live it will go through a moderation faze and if you bash the blogger or put out negative or demising   comments your comments won’t see the light of day.

Website TrafficOffline Traffic: How about the old fashion off line traffic? You know what I mean. Business cards, flyers, post cards, t-shirts and the list goes on and on. I drive a van all over the state every day, don’t you think I have a ad on my van with my URL? You have to do whatever it takes to get your stuff out there. So get busy, be part of the 2 percent that makes it. There is so many ways to do it and it takes time, but not as much as you think, and you will grow to love he work as you should if you do not want to be working for the man for the rest of your life.

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