Why Can’t I Earn Money Online Says The Sheep Being Slaughtered

Why can't I Earn Money Online

Yes people are being led to the slaughter house being gutted for their cash. You are left wondering “why can’t I Earn Money Online.” I can’t even believe how many of you blindly follow so called gurus.

I see it time and time again, people that truly want an online business follow the empty promises of the guru, who once has your email address just keeps pounding you with the next best thing over and over again.

Gurus have a saying for it. They call it their buyers list. Their sheep they can keep gutting any time they want. Gurus brag about being able to “print money on demand.”

The sad part is you follow these sheep herders all the way to hell. Until finally you realize you are not going anywhere but deeper in debt. How many times have you heard “easy as pie anyone can do it” just to find out no one wants your crap.

Just go on the warriorplus website, go to affiliates then launch calendar. This is what you will see. Look how many products are being launched in April alone. And they all claim to be the best thing sense peanut butter.


Earn Money Online

It is time to say enough already. I know you want to earn money online, but these products promise you the world and will just take your money every time. Most of these products are supposed to be training tools to show you how to make money online. But they don’t tell you the most important part. Which is how to get the traffic.

The truth about traffic is if you don’t pay for it, it takes a lot of time to develop. If you decide to go the paid route, most people do not know what they are doing and wast even more money.

So How Do We Earn Money Online Rey

I can tell you how you can earn money online but then I would have to kill you. Just joking. Seriously It is how can we earn money onlinenot hard to find good products to sell online. But buying these programs that say they will teach you how are just bull crap. They developed these programs because of the demand in the market place.

The problem is people take advantage of the demand. And once con-artists know there is money to be made it’s like a shark feast with your blood in the water.

So now every one and their mothers say they have the secrete sauce. Perhaps some of their methods might work, but they themselves can’t get the traffic to pull it off themselves. The pray on you, the person willing to pay for the answer.

So I will tell you the secrete on how to earn money online but I promise you will not like it. Why because it is not easy to actually make a job killing income online. Like any other business it takes planning, and execution of that plan in a systematic way to pull it off. Let me simplify the so called secrete sauce.

Having A Great Product

This is the easy part. You can find great products to sell as an affiliate online everywhere. Not the guru how to make money online crap, but physical products everyone uses every day or informational products you can sell digitally.  Like I said that is the easy part. But having great products is not enough if you can’t get people to buy them. That is the hard part.

Selling Your Products

earn money online selling your productsThis is the part where you need a plan of action. Do you pay for advertisement or do you go for free traffic. The latter will most likely put you in the poor house.

And the free traffic will get you frustrated and have you quitting before you even get started. Why because it is hard.

So you have to go into it saying to yourself “I am not doing it because it is easy, I am doing it because it is hard…JFK

Because if you don’t have the mindset to gut it out you will fail. Don’t fall for those “How To Get Easy Traffic” programs either. Even though some of the methods could work, it is not easy and it will take time to develop. Why because there is a learning curve with every traffic method out there and not one method will fit all situations.


So how will you sell to earn money online


So Here Is The Answer

First you need to educate yourself. Not by going to school, but finding honest people willing to teach you. It shouldn’t cost you a bunch of money, because the honest person knows if they help others get what they want, they in turn will get what they want.

But again beware of people saying it doesn’t cost you anything to learn from them because most all of them have an agenda. Beware of the Free word. They start off saying one thing but then it’s “so if you really want to speed up the process buy this product” Ever heard that one before?

Now I would say join a group on Facebook that has like minded people who want to learn how to earn money online. The problem with most of these groups is that they are shark infested. I know because I belong to a bunch of them. The people wanting to learn are bombarded with offers that just distract and create more confusion.

Join My Brand New Group

I have created a new group for us like minded people. I will not tolerate advertising anything. I want this to be a learning experience for you. I also will not tolerate belittling anyone. If you can’t be nurturing and supporting you have no place here.

So if you really want to learn how to Market any product online join my group of like-minded people and we will help you get started.

So why is my group so different from all the other groups out there on Facebook. Because I am not selling anything or anybody else on the group is not selling anything.

It is a platform for learning asking questions and implementing what you have learned into your own business outside of the group.

So what is it that I can bring to the table that will help people learn how to implement a business online. I have a lot to bring to the table.

I know how to build websites.  I know how to implement SEO. I know how to create landing pages. I know how to write ad copy and good headlines. I know just about everything there is to know about working online and creating products, advertising and SEO. And there are ways to do it for free and there are ways to do it buy paying.

The difference is going to be it is your choice free or not free. Myself or other people in the group will make suggestions teach you how but it is up to you to decide whether you want to pay for anything or not. And all that is done outside the group not inside the group.

So where I have shortcomings in online marketing that’s where people in the group come in. Because there might be somebody in the group that knows something different or a different way to do something that would help people.

So the second step in creating this group is to have people with a different expertise than mine also being able to teach you and so forth and so on down the line so that everybody in the group becomes a mentor.

There is another way of putting it I’m sure all of you have heard of “paying it forward.” In essence that is what we are doing is helping others be able to be independent financially and not have to be dependent on the system.

Join Me https://www.facebook.com/groups/426048871089399/

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