Writing A Blog Post Using A Content Writer

Writing a blog and constantly coming up with new original content is sometime daunting. I try and post something at least 4 times a week. So sometimes I need help. Most people will go to fiverr.com and use a content writer to by articles from.

There is nothing wrong with this approach, but what if there were a better way to get a bigger BANG for your buck. What if you could get 4 articles plus a video for each one for practically the same amount of money! This would be a definite bonus to any blogger.

So what is the quality of these articles you may ask? Well let me tell you they are better than most I have purched from fiverr.com I will admit the videos are in a power point format but may of those kinds of videos do well on YouTube.

Using The Leading Articles For Writing A Blog

The company is called ” The Leading Articles ” This will make writing a blog a snap. So let us take a look.

writing a blog

This service is free to join and you only pay for what you use. So the prices are as depicted in the picture below. As you can see one credit costs you $12 but you can get 5 articles and video’s. That in itself is a bargain. But if you bought eight credits for $48 you get 40 articles and video’s.

Writing A Blog

You can make several more articles from spinning them. Here are samples below of actual articles I purchased. This is the spun article. Below are 4 different articles spun from this.

Writing A Blog

Article 1. (Note I did not copy the whole thing), it would be to long but you get the idea.

Writing A Blog

Article 2

Writing A Blog

Article 3

Writing A Blog

Article 4

Writing A Blog

As you can see there are 4 different articles from one. So if you bought the cheapest package at $6 a credit you could have not 40 articles but 116 articles. If you posted twice a week that is a years worth of articles for $48 bucks. And they are not junk articles like some of the other companies that spin articles.

Don’t forget about the videos to boot. Upload those to YouTube, give them good SEO tags and have a back link to your article.

So check it out HERE

5 Unique Videos + Articles = $12?

To your success