You Tube Why Aren’t You Using It

You Tube Why Aren’t More Businesses Using it ?

You Tube is a way to gain access to a huge audience and to make a very strong impression – all without spending a dime. The problem why more business aren’t using you tube is twofold.

A)  A lot of people simply don’t know enough about YouTube. They don’t know how it works and they don’t realize just how big it really is.

B) People assume that creating a video with high production values will be difficult and/or expensive.
In my book, you’ll learn not only how to get seen by millions of people through YouTube but also how to create stunning, high quality videos that look like they were made by a professional production studio.
What’s more, is that you’ll see just how easy this can be and how you can do it without spending any more cash on expensive equipment, software or anything else. Using YouTube for Business 2016

Treat it Like a Business

The first and most important key to understanding how you can make a lot of money from YouTube is to recognize that you have to treat YouTube like a business. This is actually one of the key things to learn in a range of different areas relating to internet marketing – including blogging.
The problem is that a lot of people think they can just sign up for YouTube, post a few videos and then enjoy massive success. It just doesn’t work like that.

A lot of people have managed to make a full time living from YouTube ads alone and these celebrity ‘vloggers’ enjoy fame and a healthy income as a reward for all their hard work. But if you listen to any of them talk about their business, they’ll tell you that it’s hard and that they spend a lot of time on their videos.

In other words, you definitely shouldn’t become a vlogger if your aim is to make a lot of money doing very little. This is not a ‘get rich quick scheme’ by any means and it’s also not an easy ride. These people work very hard and if you want to be successful, then you’ll have to work very hard too.
If you want to make YouTube your full time job, then you need to treat it like a full time job. That means you need to work full time hours and you need to put in effort.

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