Make Money Following Your Passion

Make Money Following Your Passion

Everyone has something they are passionate about. So why not make money following your passion? In today’s world we can’t count on any job to be sustainable. I have seen it time and again in my own family, myself included.

So Let’s see How We Can Make Money Following Your Passion

If you’r unsure how to go about discovering your passion, here is what I suggest to get you thinking in the right direction.

Take a stroll down memory lane and make a list. Think back to when you were a kid. What are some of the things you really loved doing? Was some of those things you thought were really cool but couldn’t do? Where there some things you really wanted to try but didn’t think you’d be good at it?

Write everything down, no matter how silly it may sound. This is a great time to throw practicality completely out of the window and live in a fantasy land. Take some time with this but not too long. You don’t want to spend the rest of your days dreaming about what your passion could be. You want to actually pursue it!

My Stroll Down Memory Lane

I remember not to long ago I was facing a fact of life. That fact was that – what was I going to do if I couldn’t work anymore. I have vivid memories of my grandparents and parents struggling to make ends meat in retirement.

That wasn’t going to happen to me. I wanted to be able to provide for my family for the long haul. So I did some soul searching. What could I do to make money even if I was bedridden. (God I hope that doesn’t happen,But you never know)

When the internet was new people were making money on it. So I thought I would try it and after awhile I gave up. I thought everything was just a scam just to get your money. But the thing was I was really intrigued and 10 years later I decided to actually study the possibilities.

I Failed Again

Well after a couple of years I couldn’t seem to figure it out. So I decided to take a break. A few years later I decided to go for broke and stick with it this time. I guess the third time was the charm because I started to follow the advice of other successful marketers.

How I found My Passion

On my journey, even from the beginning, I was greatly aware that there were people out there that would do and say anything to separate me from my hard earned cash. I must have fallen victim to almost every silver bullet that came down the pike full of empty promises.

So that was my passion! I wanted to yell from the roof tops that I was going to educate people. I want people to learn how to actually make money with their passion without all the noise of false promises of wealth and fame.

You can make money online with your passion, but it is not as easy as some would have you believe. That is what took me so long to figure out. Simple right? Once you get that through your head the rest is easy. Still a lot of work, but it really can be done.

Now, Lets Start Making Money with Your Passion

OK, we got the crap out of the way. You know it is not going to be a walk in the park. But it is doable, if you just work at it. So what I am going to suggest is that once you know what your passion is, you have to decide what vehicle you are going to use to monetize it.

Here are a few suggestions to make money following your passion. Blogging, Affiliate Products, sales of your own products just to mention a few. But with all that you will need a place for your customers to come to. There are two ways you can go with that.

First is selling your own products or services via a store front or a service like eBay. Or you could sell informational products or affiliate products through a website. The later is, at least for me, the best vehicle.

Now selling physical products through a store front most likely isn’t what you were thinking about when we talk about making money with your passion. If it is then great, these princeables of marketing still apply. Just not with a website.

Setting Up Your Virtual Real Estate

Once you figure out what your passion is, the first thing you need to do is establish a place for people to come. This is going to be in the form of a website. Before we continue lets get one thing out of the way. You need to have your own hosting account. The quick answer as to why is because you have full control of your website if you want to make money following your passion.

When using free platforms anything can happen for example but not limited to the company going out of business. Or they just don’t like what you are doing and take your site down. Perhaps they want to put their own ads on your site because it is popular. There is much more to this debate, just trust me when I say you need your own hosting.

Enough on that subject, lets get down to work. After figuring out your passion you are going to build your website but first you need a title. What are you going to call yourself? My suggestion is to find a name that is searchable by the search engines.

Keyword Research

I will not bore you with a long drawn out section on keyword research. Some people are really anal about it and try and convince new marketers they need all these programs like Noble Sameri. Here is a simple, quick and more effective way to do keyword research. It is free to do and it has been effective for me.

So, what is your passion? I am going to throw out a phrase (I Need Cash) It could be your passion like carpenter in L.A. or anything else. What you want to find out first is there anyone searching for this phrase at all. Which there is. Over 350 million. That is a good start. Now let us refine that phrase and put in some quotes.

make money following your passion google result3

Putting Quotes between the phrase

As you can see when you put the phrase in quotes you are searching for the exact phrase. That narrowed it down to 478,000. Now we know this phrase get searched 478,000 times a month. Lets take it a step further and lets see how many people are actually trying to cash in on this phrase.

make money following your passion google result2

In this next picture I just wanted to show you that when you start typing something else you are going to get other suggestions like below. I would definitely write these down for future reference. OK, Lets continue.

make money following your passion google result1

Advanced Search

Now we have done a more advanced search. By putting ( allinurl:) before the search phrase you are asking who is using this in their URL which means they are targeting this phrase for some reason like an affiliate product or in this case is a music blog and that is a song title. The next one is a gofundme website.

Looking at the MOZ ranking their Domain Authority is through the roof, so I wouldn’t try and use this phrase. I would use a variation of the phrase. That is why you write down the other suggestions you get while typing in the quotes.

make money following your passion google result

For your info: My MOZ Bar is a free Chrome Extension or plug-in. I don’t know if other platforms have it. For more tips Follow this link to watch a short video from Backlinko on keyword research.

Now Finding A Domain Name…

After you go through the keyword research and find a suitable keyword phrase, we need to find a domain name. Go to “Instant Domain” and type in your keyword phrase like in the picture below.

make money following your passion

So then you must do a variation of the phrase like so…..

As you can see below I added the word fast. So now the phrase is “I Need Cash Fast” and the exact keyword is available. You can buy the .com for $488 but the other extensions like .us, .net and .org.

make money following your passion

Then hit one of the buy buttons and you can see you can buy this domain for $11.99 per year…..

make money following your passion

Plus Bonus……

If you do a quick search for that keyword you are totally golden. Not only are there a lot of searches for this keyword, but only the first result is optimized!! But you can potentially out rank them because you have it in your blog title. This is an excellent keyword phrase for monetizing purposes.

make money following your passion


Purchasing Website Hosting

Now before you buy your domain, I know of two companies that will not charge you for your first domain. So in fact you can get it for FREE. I like that word don’t you? So those hosting companies are Bluehost and Hostgator. Watch the video to see how to get your hosting and set up a WordPress site.

Get Your Bluehost Account Here


Get Your Bluehost Account Here

Once you have your web hosting and your bare bones WordPress site, you are going to want to install a theme that will enhance your business. This theme will work for ant business because yo can make it whatever you like. Watch the series of video’s below that will walk you through each step.

Now That your website is installed you need a way to capture emails. So the next few video’s are about auto-responders.

To Get Your 30 Day Free Trial Click On The Banner Below

To Get Your 30 Day Free Trial Click On The Banner Below

OK, The easy Part Is Done.

Now comes the hard part. If you want to make money following your passion you need to Get traffic or visitors to your new business that you are passionate about right? So below are a few links that will help you do just that. Remember send every stitch of traffic to your landing page and don’t give up.

Follow this link to learn about your targeted audience. Targeting Your Avatar

This link is about Organic website traffic. Other words free traffic sources How To Get Free Website Traffic. This has nine blog posts. If you want you can just download the eBook in the right side column.

Here is a post on email marketing Go to it here.

OK, that should get you started. If you need any help you know how to get in touch. So what are you waiting for? Go out there and make money following your passion!!!

To your success and never give up.

make money with your blog or website

Rey Albert

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